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Miss Yamaha Racing 2012


Standing next to Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies on the MotoGP starting grid has to be one of the most glamorous and sought after positions for a beautiful girl. Under the gaze of the world’s television it could be your job to keep the riders cool under the umbrella as they prepare to race! Are you Miss Yamaha Racing?

We gave one lucky girl this rare opportunity to be the centre of the action on race Sunday at the Grand Prix of Italy at Mugello.

The deadline for entries was Thursday 12th of July. 
All the entries were open to public vote and have been taken into account during the selection and of course both Jorge and Ben helped selecting a winner.

Stay tuned to as we will also be offering the same chance at other European rounds over the season!

The Miss Yamaha Racing 2012 participants
To rate your favourite girls, go to her images and simply click on the stars below the corresponding girl's images. For the professional Yamaha girls, follow the link below.


2012 Winners 

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Germany - Italy - All
Giusi  Troìa
Giusi Troìa2289 views
Ilaria Simeone
Ilaria Simeone2269 views
Eleonora Berra
Eleonora Berra2245 views
Erica Marzari
Erica Marzari2267 views
marta carpini
marta carpini2298 views
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