Jarrett Frye

Jarrett Frye was born into the world in Mechanicsville, Maryland, recognized by many in the motocross industry as the home to the Pro National at Budds Creek Motocross Park. Mechanicsville is a small town which is known for its agriculture and Amish population, but it also harnesses a deep racing history due to the location of one of America’s favorite tracks which hosted the Motocross des Nations in 2007.

Jarrett was introduced to dirt bikes by his older brother who was always riding during their childhood and he didn’t want to be left out of all of the fun. His dad purchased him a motorcycle and he started spinning laps in the backyard before eventually entering local events and national level amateur races on the east coast. Jarrett has a fairly quiet persona although he is very deliberate and well-spoken and sticks to his business off the track, not falling into the typical teenage distractions of social media.

He flew under the radar for a good portion of his career, but the last couple of years have featured breakout rides at some of the biggest amateur races of the season, ultimately drawing the attention of many high-profile amateur teams. Jarrett has cleaned up the past couple of years at the Thor Winter Olympics and always seems to rise to the occasion at the end of the season in Florida, winning a total of eight number one plates at Gatorback Cycle Park throughout the last two years.

2019 will mark his first year with the Star Racing Yamaha amateur program and he’s set to contest the Schoolboy 2 and B classes at the regularly scheduled high-profile amateur races.