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Mixed Emotions For The Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team After Dakar Rally Stage Six

Mixed Emotions For The Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team After Dakar Rally Stage Six

Week one of the 2022 Dakar Rally is now complete for the Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team with Adrien Van Beveren lying fourth in the provisional classification following a somewhat dangerous, and subsequently shortened, stage six. The Frenchman ultimately posted the eighth fastest time today and continues to impress with his strong pace and calculated approach to the event. For Andrew Short, the American safely completed the stage in 16th aboard his Yamaha WR450F Rally to maintain 11th place in the general ranking. Frustratingly, for yesterday’s star performer, Ross Branch, a sizable crash resulted in a damaged motorcycle and a leg injury, which brings his participation in the event to an untimely end.

Faced with a short but highly challenging stage, Adrien Van Beveren applied a cautious approach and paid close attention to his roadbook on stage six to safely complete the shortened, 100-kilometre special as the eighth fastest rider. With the event’s rest day scheduled for tomorrow, Adrien will enjoy some much-needed recovery time before lining up at the stage seven start line on Sunday with a highly favourable starting position.

Ending week one of the Dakar Rally with another consistent result, Andrew Short placed 16th on stage six to maintain 11th place in the provisional classification. Now, just over one minute adrift of the overall top-10, Andrew, much like his teammate Adrien, will enter stage seven with an advantageous starting position and continue to make up for the time he frustratingly lost on stage one.

After narrowly missing out on the stage win yesterday, Ross Branch’s time at the Dakar came to an abrupt end early on in stage six after he was caught out by a rock ledge that pitched the Botswana native from his Yamaha WR450F Rally. Fortunate to escape serious injury during the incident, Ross’ machine was too badly damaged to continue, in addition to suffering from a heavy impact on his upper leg.

Maintaining her top-10 ranking in the Light Prototype class, Camelia Liparoti has enjoyed a largely positive week of racing in her Yamaha YXZ1000R Prototype. The Italian now lies ninth in the provisional classification, just over two minutes behind eighth with six stages to remaining.

Adrien Van Beveren – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

8th Stage 6

I knew that today would be a difficult stage and I’m happy that the organisers shortened it because it was very dangerous. We were racing on the same stage that the cars and trucks raced yesterday and there were a lot of deep ruts in places. Also, in other places, the tyre tracks from yesterday were really spread out. So, it was a difficult day. At the start I was unaware that it would be shortened so I really focused on my roadbook as this was the only way to reach the finish successfully. I’m happy to have completed the stage safely and now going into the next one on Sunday I have a good starting position. Before that we have the rest day and I’m looking forward to regrouping ahead of what will be another tough week.

Adrien Van Beveren – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
Andrew Short - Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

16th Stage 6

It was wild out there today and actually the last couple of days have been difficult in one way or another. Ross crashed early on today and seeing your friend on the ground is never nice. The medics were with him though so he was in good hands and I hope he’s ok. It was definitely the right decision for the stage to be shortened today so now we’ll enjoy the rest day, look ahead to week two, and keep pushing forward.

Andrew Short - Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
Ross Branch

Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

A really bad day for me and I’m so disappointed that my rally is over. Just two kilometres in I hit a ledge. I tried my best to ride it out but unfortunately I couldn’t. I guess it was the same for everyone but I wasn’t really happy about racing this stage as I know the damage that the trucks can cause. It’s frustrating as things were starting to go really well for me so to be out of the race when things are looking good, it’s tough to take. Thanks to my team, they have all been amazing and the bike ran perfectly all week so I’m disappointed for those guys too. I’d like to wish Adrien and Andrew the best of luck for next week.

Ross Branch – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
Dakar Rally 2022

Stage 6 Provisional Classification

1. Daniel Sanders (GASGAS) 0:51:43
2. Sam Sunderland (GASGAS) 0:54:09 + 0:02:26
3. Matthias Walkner (KTM) 0:54:19 + 0:02:36
4. Pablo Quintanilla (Honda) 0:54:58 + 0:03:15
5. Ricky Brabec (Honda) 0:55:02 + 0:03:19
6. Mason Klein (KTM) 0:55:16 + 0:03:33

8. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 0:55:53 + 0:04:10
16. Andrew Short (Yamaha) 0:57:24 + 0:05:41

Dakar Rally 2020
Dakar Rally 2022

Overall Provisional Classification (after stage 6)

1. Sam Sunderland (GASGAS) 19:55:59
2. Matthias Walkner (KTM) 19:58:38 + 0:02:39
3. Daniel Sanders (GASGAS) 20:01:34 + 0:05:35
4. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 20:03:42 + 0:07:43
5. Pablo Quintanilla (Honda) 20:13:43 + 0:17:44
6. Lorenzo Santolino (Sherco) 20:14:21 + 0:18:22

11. Andrew Short (Yamaha) 20:34:11 + 0:38:12

Dakar Rally 2020
Dakar Rally 2022

Race Schedule

Stage 1 | Jan 2 | Ha'il to Ha'il | Total: 546 km | SS: 334 km
Stage 2 | Jan 3 | Ha'il > Al Artawiyah | Total: 585 km | SS: 339 km
Stage 3 | Jan 4 | Al Artawiyah > Al Qaisumah | Total: 554 km | SS: 368 km
Stage 4 | Jan 5 | Al Qaisumah > Riyadh | Total: 707 km | SS: 465 km
Stage 5 | Jan 6 | Riyadh > Riyadh | Total: 563 km | SS: 348 km
Stage 6 | Jan 7 | Riyadh > Riyadh | Total: 635 km | SS: 421 km
Rest Day | Jan 8 | Riyadh
Stage 7 | Jan 9 | Riyadh > Al Dawadimi | Total: 700 km | SS: 401 km
Stage 8 | Jan 10 | Al Dawadimi > Wadi Ad Dawasir | Total: 828 km | SS: 394 km
Stage 9 | Jan 11 | Wadi Ad Dawasir > Wadi Ad Dawasir | Total: 490 km | SS: 287 km
Stage 10 | Jan 12 | Wadi Ad Dawasir > Bisha | Total: 757 km | SS: 374 km
Stage 11 | Jan 13 | Bisha > Bisha | Total: 500 km | SS: 345 km
Stage 12 | Jan 14 | Bisha > Jeddah | Total: 676 km | SS: 163 km

Dakar Rally 2020