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Strong Rides From Adrien Van Beveren And Andrew Short On Dakar Rally Stage Eight

Strong Rides From Adrien Van Beveren And Andrew Short On Dakar Rally Stage Eight

Making another positive step towards the Dakar Rally finish line, Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team’s Adrien Van Beveren has completed the challenging eighth stage as the ninth fastest rider. In doing so, the Frenchman now forms part of a four-rider group breaking away at the front of the overall results and lies third in the provisional standings. Andrew Short overcame a minor detour early on in the special to secure 12th place on the stage and continue to claw back further time that he lost on stage one.

Faced with a little adversity on stage eight of the Dakar Rally, Adrien Van Beveren’s roadbook mechanism stopped working, which forced the Frenchman to operate his navigational device by hand. Unfazed by the additional challenge, the experienced rally racer continued to maintain his high pace, resulting in a strong, ninth-place finish. After leading the rally ahead of stage eight, Van Beveren now drops a couple of spots in the overall provisional classification but remains well placed in third, just under five minutes behind the new leader.

Continuing to move up the leaderboard throughout the Dakar Rally, Andrew Short focused on upping his pace on stage eight in order to reel in the leading riders. Frustratingly, the American couldn’t quite execute his plan as a minor detour slowed his charge. Once back on the right track, Andrew went to work, navigated with perfection, and completed the 395-kilometre special just outside the top 10 in 12th place.

After re-joining the race yesterday, Ross Branch made the difficult decision to withdraw from the Dakar this morning due to pain from the haematoma on his right leg, which was effecting his ability to ride safely, and to his full potential. With a little time needed to make a full recovery, Ross will soon be back to 100%.

In the Light Prototype class, Camelia Liparoti has delivered strong finishes on each stage of the Dakar so far with the Italian now placed eighth in the provisional standings. With almost 40 hours of racing successfully completed in her Yamaha YXZ1000R, Camelia looks to make further progress up the leaderboard through the final four days of the event.

Adrien Van Beveren – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

9th Stage 8

Another consistent day for me but not an easy one. The mechanism on my roadbook stopped working so I had to turn it by hand, which was tricky at times, but it was ok. Otherwise, it has been a solid day. I gave my best as always and I’m really happy with my riding so far in the rally. It’s been another good stage for me and I’m looking forward to tomorrow, which looks like it will be a lot slower speed and with more navigation.

Adrien Van Beveren – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
Andrew Short - Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

12th Stage 8

Today was a little rough for me. I needed to pick up my pace a little to make up a bit more time so from the start I really pushed, but after 19 kilometres I got lost. So that wasn’t a great start to the day. Once I figured out where I was I got back into it and my pace was pretty decent after that. After refuelling I really nailed the navigation so despite a bad start, I turned it around pretty good. I’m still aiming for a strong finish to the race and with four days to go there’s still a long way to the end.

Andrew Short - Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
Dakar Rally 2022

Stage 8 Provisional Classification

1. Sam Sunderland (GASGAS) 3:48:02
2. Pablo Quintanilla (Honda) 3:50:55 + 0:02:53
3. Matthias Walkner (KTM) 3:52:13 + 0:04:11
4. Ricky Brabec (Honda) 3:54:46 + 0:06:44
5. Mason Klein (KTM) 3:56:10 + 0:08:08
6. Toby Price (KTM) 3:56:41 + 0:08:39

9. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 3:58:23 + 0:10:21
12. Andrew Short (Yamaha) 4:02:24 + 0:14:22

Dakar Rally 2020
Dakar Rally 2022

Overall Provisional Classification (after stage 8)

1. Sam Sunderland (GASGAS) 27:38:42
2. Matthias Walkner (KTM) 27:42:27 + 0:03:45
3. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 27:43:25 + 0:04:43
4. Pablo Quintanilla (Honda) 27:44:12 + 0:05:30
5. Joan Barreda (Honda) 27:53:20 + 0:14:38
6. Kevin Benavides (KTM) 27:53:29 + 0:14:47

11. Andrew Short (Yamaha) 28:15:36 + 0:36:54

Dakar Rally 2020
Dakar Rally 2022

Race Schedule

Stage 1 | Jan 2 | Ha'il to Ha'il | Total: 546 km | SS: 334 km
Stage 2 | Jan 3 | Ha'il > Al Artawiyah | Total: 585 km | SS: 339 km
Stage 3 | Jan 4 | Al Artawiyah > Al Qaisumah | Total: 554 km | SS: 368 km
Stage 4 | Jan 5 | Al Qaisumah > Riyadh | Total: 707 km | SS: 465 km
Stage 5 | Jan 6 | Riyadh > Riyadh | Total: 563 km | SS: 348 km
Stage 6 | Jan 7 | Riyadh > Riyadh | Total: 635 km | SS: 421 km
Rest Day | Jan 8 | Riyadh
Stage 7 | Jan 9 | Riyadh > Al Dawadimi | Total: 700 km | SS: 401 km
Stage 8 | Jan 10 | Al Dawadimi > Wadi Ad Dawasir | Total: 828 km | SS: 394 km
Stage 9 | Jan 11 | Wadi Ad Dawasir > Wadi Ad Dawasir | Total: 490 km | SS: 287 km
Stage 10 | Jan 12 | Wadi Ad Dawasir > Bisha | Total: 757 km | SS: 374 km
Stage 11 | Jan 13 | Bisha > Bisha | Total: 500 km | SS: 345 km
Stage 12 | Jan 14 | Bisha > Jeddah | Total: 676 km | SS: 163 km

Dakar Rally 2020