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News Report 12 June 2016

2016 GP of Finland

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06 / 11 / 2016
09:00 Local time

Larrieu And Yamaha Claim Podium Result In Finland


Demonstrating the potential of his Yamaha WR450F in the dry but extremely rough Finnish terrain, Loic Larrieu secured a third consecutive Enduro 2 podium result on day one at the GP of Finland. Challenging for the top three again on day two the Outsiders Yamaha Official Enduro 2 Team rider wrapped up a successful round four of the Enduro World Championship with fourth in class.

In complete contrast to the two previous muddy rounds in Portugal and Greece, the GP of Finland saw riders battle against soft and rocky terrain in what proved to be one of the most technical and demanding courses of the season. Continuing to go from strength to strength aboard his WR450F machine, Larrieu showed himself as a podium contender during both days of competition.

Kicking off the first full day of racing by posting the second fastest time in opening Enduro test, the Frenchman kept improving his pace as the race went on. Just two special from the end of the day Loic held the runner-up spot but a crash in the final motocross test resulted in him ending the day third, working his way onto the Enduro 2 podium for the third time this season.

Despite the tracks becoming even harder on the second day, and opting for a more cautious approach following his day one crash, Larrieu was again among the main contenders for a podium result. Starting the day in fifth position he put in a strong last lap performance to eventually finish fourth, 10 seconds behind the top three in Enduro 2.

Larrieu's Outsiders Yamaha Official Enduro 2 Team partner Cristobal Guerrero was fast and consistent on both days to wrap up the GP of Finland with two sixth place class finishes. Guerrero's strongest point during the weekend was the short and technical extreme test, where the Spaniard twice recorded the fourth fastest time on Saturday and twice the third fastest time on Sunday.

At the mid-way point of the 2016 Enduro World Championship Loic Larrieu is joint third in the Enduro 2 championship standings, just six points from the runner-up position. His teammate Cristobal Guerrero currently sits sixth in Enduro 2.

The 2016 FIM Enduro World Championship will now move to Enkoping in Sweden for the fifth round of the series on June 18/19.

Loic Larrieu - Outsiders Yamaha Official Enduro 2 Team

3rd Day 1/ 4th Day 2

"It's difficult to be unhappy with my results, but what a tough weekend. I managed to finish on the E2 podium on day one, which was great, but I also had a big crash that I was lucky to get up from. I went off line my nothing more than 20cm and hit a tree stump, which fired me over the handlebars. It was a big impact but luckily I was able to finish the day ok. The crash knocked my confidence on day two - I was more cautious on my bike and wasn't able to really go for it like I did on day one. I tried to do the best I could but I didn't push to my limit because in places the tests were really challenging - it was very easy to make mistakes. But I was competitive, so I am pleased with that. I finished fourth, but I think that's ok because it's good points and I didn't take any more crashes or injuries."

Cristobal Guerrero - Outsiders Yamaha Official Enduro 2 Team

6th Day 1/ 6th Day 2

"It's been a really difficult weekend. The races in Scandinavia are always tough but it seemed like the enduro test here was tougher than any I've raced before. I just didn't feel comfortable on the enduro test during the first day and I knew that I just had to do my best and hope that I found a good feeling. I finished with a result I was happy with, but importantly without any big crashes. I changed my suspension set-up a little on the second day, which was better. I finished sixth in Enduro 2 and eight outright. I wanted to be faster but it was important not to get any injuries here. Now we go to Sweden for what will be another tough race."