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GYTR® – Four letters that spell exhilaration

Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR®) engineers have been bringing industry-leading technology to every performance accessory they’ve designed for over 40 years. From the early days of the “GYTR KIT” to today’s GYTR, Yamaha’s relentless quest for the podium, mixed with a passion to win, has driven Yamaha engineers to design and develop race-caliber parts that could push already-dominant Yamaha machines to the next level. GYTR’s technology has helped to propel Yamaha Factory Racing Teams to more podiums than any other brand – it’s not just a statement, it’s a reality. 

Nowhere else in Powersports do you find true race-proven performance mixed with title-winning accessories developed by an OEM and available to all Yamaha riders. GYTR accessories are designed in tandem with your Yamaha for unmatched integration, using state-of-the-art materials like carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum. You’ll also find technologies like REM® finishing, a finishing technology that, on a nano level, allows for better lubrication of internal engine components – to gain even more horsepower for that slight extra edge.


Once the design is complete, GYTR items undergo the highest level of performance and durability analysis, which is backed up by a factory warranty. This makes GYTR accessories the only Yamaha-backed, expertly-developed performance products – made for your Yamaha, by Yamaha. So whether you’re shredding the track, dust-ruffling the trail, or gliding on snowy slopes, the race-quality you want is ready whenever you are with GYTR performance products. 

A wide range of performance-enhancing components is available for anyone looking to boost their Yamaha bikes, parts and full race kits. 

GYTR Performance Products are especially developed for closed circuit use and are not street legal.