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What is the Yamaha Racing Heritage Club?

The Yamaha Racing Heritage Club (YRHC) was launched at EICMA in 2021 and is designed to protect, celebrate, and share with younger generations Yamaha's rich racing history. The YRHC will also bring together selected owners from around the world who count some of the iconic racing machines from Yamaha's racing legacy amongst their collection and offer them exclusive benefits.

Giacomo Agostini riding his 1977 TZ750D at Circuit Paul Ricard

The YHRC is open to owners of bikes from every discipline. From Grand Prix racing the club will admit machines raced between 1955 and the end of the two-stroke era in 2003, while registrations from World Superbike and the Endurance World Championships will be open to machines raced in any of the production classes from 1987 until 2009. From the off-road world, the YRHC will be open to motocross bikes raced before 1998 and Paris Dakar machines that raced in Africa prior to 2007. The focus for the YRHC in 2022 was to celebrate Yamaha's success in road racing before expanding in 2023 to include events dedicated to showcasing Yamaha's triumphs in the world of motocross and rally.

Collectors will be able to register their historic Yamaha machinery with the YRHC, gaining access to technical information and support from the engineers who were involved in either the development or maintenance of these bikes when they were racing or who currently work within Yamaha's racing infrastructure.

YRHC members will also enjoy discounted access to genuine Yamaha parts and assistance with identifying suitable replacements when genuine Yamaha parts are no longer available due to the age of machinery.

But the YRHC is about much more than just the machinery; it will also bring together those riders that wrote Yamaha's name large in the history books, reuniting them with the machines on which they achieved their greatest successes.

The collectors and riders will be ambassadors of Yamaha's Racing Heritage, guardians of the racing history that started at the Mount Fuji Ascent Race just 10 days after the company was established by Genichi Kawakami on July 1st 1955, and which remains an essential part of Yamaha Motor’s corporate culture.

The YRHC will also involve Yamaha's current crop of racers from all disciplines, providing an opportunity for both them and their army of fans to experience Yamaha's racing history and the people who made it first-hand rather than through the pages of a book.

Through a number of exclusive events held throughout the year, the YRHC will bring together collectors and riders, both past and present, to showcase Yamaha's racing legacy and to share the passion and determination that established Yamaha at the forefront of racing across all disciplines.

For collectors looking for more information on registering for the Yamaha Racing Heritage Club, please email