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Past Meets Present: Racing Legend Giacomo Agostini Presents Keys to Latest Yamaha R7 Owner

Past Meets Present: Racing Legend Giacomo Agostini Presents Keys to Latest Yamaha R7 Owner

At the ASI Motoshow in Varano this weekend, 15-time Grand Prix World Champion Giacomo Agostini presented the keys of the first 35KW Yamaha R7 registered in Europe to the owner, 18-year-old Gemma Torricelli.

The Yamaha Racing Heritage Club stand at the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti circuit was the setting for a memorable occasion. Gemma bought the first 35KW version of the Yamaha R7 registered in Europe, with her day getting even better when motorcycle racing legend Giacomo handed over the keys. The Italian’s illustrious racing career spanned 17 years and saw him win 15 World Championships - eight in the 500cc class and seven in the 350cc category, and 122 GPs, while ‘Ago’ also secured a further three 500cc titles as a Yamaha Team Manager.

Racing fan Gemma was delighted to meet one of her racing idols, although the presentation came as a complete surprise: “Honestly, it was a complete shock! I did not know I would get to meet Giacomo, and it was a wonderful moment; plus, I got his signature on the bike. I have been riding since I was 14, and it was, as they say, love at first sight. I am a huge racing fan, so meeting such a legend was unbelievable.”

Giacomo didn’t just hand over the keys; he also gave the bike a quick clean and shared some of his immense riding knowledge with her: “I showed him some photos of where I ride,” Gemma said. “He gave me some advice, so it was a very special moment and something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am so happy right now!”


Purchased from the Moto Shop Yamaha dealer in Parma, Gemma explained why she chose the R7 World GP 60th Anniversary Edition in particular: “I had a Yamaha R125, and I really enjoyed it, it was a great introduction to motorcycling. I learnt a lot from that bike, but it was time for something bigger and with more power. I chose the R7 as it is the perfect combination between a naked and a sports bike, plus it is incredibly beautiful!”

The R7 is Yamaha’s latest in a long line of R-series models that have been thrilling riders for more than 20 years. It combines performance with practicality, iconic styling cues from Yamaha’s racing legacy and a lively 689cc engine that gives the perfect blend of torque and acceleration, providing a genuinely exciting riding experience on the track or the road. It also features an assist and slipper clutch, a lightweight frame, adjustable KYB front forks, and radial mounted front brake calipers.

Gemma’s bike has the iconic Yamaha 60th-anniversary white and red speed block livery that commemorates the manufacturer's entry into its first ever Grand Prix in 1961. “I chose the special colour scheme as it not only looks amazing, but it is also different and reminds me of the history Yamaha has in racing, and as a fan, that is something very special.”