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10th Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Riders Push Through Rain on Day 3

10th Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Riders Push Through Rain on Day 3

With rain spoiling the morning of the third day of the 10th Yamaha VR46 Master Camp, the riders had to push even harder in the afternoon building onto their flat track experience of Day 1 and Day 2.

The 10th Yamaha VR46 Master Camp‘s schedule had to be altered due to rainy conditions, but it didn‘t slow down Jurand Kusmierczyk (aged 17, from Poland), Devis Bergamini (aged 19, from Italy), Kevin Fontainha (aged 15, from Brazil), and new recruit and fellow Yamaha bLU cRU Cup rider Andrea Pizzoli (aged 18, also from Italy) replacing the injured Enzo Valentim Garcia (aged 17, from Brazil) who still attended all the sessions to soak up the theory. The first four attendees were eager to use their energy 100% at the Fisio Gym and at Valentino Rossi‘s Motor Ranch.

The morning gym session was joined by Andrea Migno, who the riders (except Pizzoli) already met on Day 1. He was kind enough to show them how to correctly perform Pilates exercises to improve flexibility and strength. It was a nice little warm-up for things to come.

The students showed great progress at the VR46 Motor Ranch in the afternoon despite very difficult riding conditions due to the rain. Luckily, the riders were back under the wings of ’King of the Sands‘ Belli again, who shared tips on riding with less grip. Thanks to their newly acquired in-depth knowledge, they were all able to enjoy the session.

After they were done riding, the young talents finished the day with a little study session, with Belli showing video footage and pictures of them riding on Day 1 and pointing out where and how to improve their body position, throttle control, and overall riding style.

“Due to the bad weather conditions, we changed our schedule. So we decided to also do some Flat Track today, even though the track was really wet and tricky. But we used these conditions to let the guys find more feeling with throttle control, to control spinning”, said Belli.

“They needed to learn how to act on the bike in order to get a good response from it. Instead of spinning in the mud, they needed to find some traction to get out of the corners. The work was going really well, also with new rider Andrea. This was his first attempt at Flat Track. The session wasn‘t very long because it started raining again, it lasted about 1.5 hours. But because we split up the group, we got a lot of work done. It was a good day anyway, and we got the job done.”

Jurand Kusmierczyk

The morning session was alright. Pilates was new to me, but I didn‘t really enjoy it because there wasn‘t enough excitement in it for me. But still, it was a new experience, and it was nice to have the chance to try it. It was very difficult to ride at the flat track in the wet conditions. I had to change my lines from yesterday and the day before. It was really good to learn that way. When we ride in conditions like that, you get better, and you‘ll be even faster when there‘s more grip again. So, it was good to ride in the rain. I got a lot of tips from Marco Belli and Andrea Andreani, but I benefitted the most from the advice to start slower and build from there, and never rush anything because then you make mistakes. That helped me the most.

Devis Bergamini

It was a good day of training. We started with Pilates in the Gym with Sylvia. It‘s actually a difficult discipline for me because I never did it before. But not as difficult as the afternoon session when we were training on the flat track in the rain. That was very difficult because the track was so slippery. Because of the rain we had to stop early. But Marco did give me some good advice. He told me to keep my head up to open my view with the off-road helmet to help me to turn better. I tried this, and thanks to this I rode better compared to the first two days. I‘m very happy and ready for Day 4!

Kevin Fontainha

We did Pilates and stretching in the morning. That was a good warm-up, but nothing could have prepared us for the track conditions in the afternoon. It was very cold and wet. The conditions were so difficult, but in a good way. It was actually useful because I learned a lot. I‘m happy about what I learned today. I hope it will be dry on Day 4 so we can have fun on the MiniGP bikes again. I can‘t wait for tomorrow and the day after to learn more!

Andrea Pizzoli

Pilates was a positive experience for me. I had never done it before, but it was very relaxing. Migno gave me the advice to always keep pushing, not just when riding a bike during race weekend but in everything you do, including training in the gym. I thought that was inspiring. The Flat Track session in the rain as a first session was not ideal, but anyway it was awesome. It would have been even better in dry conditions because the grip levels would have been better, and it would have been easier to catch up on the basics compared to the other riders, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I will continue to do my best in the next few days. Marco delved deep into the technique and his tips were technical. He was telling us how we shouldn‘t play too much with the throttle control. We should be steady, so that‘s something I will work on.