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Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team Completes Silk Way Rally Stage Four

Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team Completes Silk Way Rally Stage Four

Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team riders Andrew Short and Adrien Van Beveren have successfully completed the penultimate day of racing at the Silk Way Rally. With the fourth stage taking place on the same route as stage three, both riders used the experience gained during yesterday’s racing to safely bring themselves, and their Yamaha WR450F Rally bikes, over the finish line unscathed and ready for the tomorrow’s final stage.

Stage four of the Silk Way Rally formed leg two of the event’s marathon stage and with Andrew and Adrien both familiar with the terrain, and knowing the locations of the more serious hazards, they were able to complete the special without any major mistakes and with much faster times than yesterday.

Andrew Short put together a strong and consistent ride on stage four with the American opting to walk his bike through many of the treacherous water crossings to ensure a safe finish. Now, with just one day of racing remaining, Andrew is in good spirits and looking forward to completing the Silk Way Rally with another solid result on stage five.

After completing the very same stage yesterday, Adrien Van Beveren used his knowledge of the special to significantly pick up his pace on stage four. Recording a time almost 10 minutes faster than what he posted on day three of the Silk Way Rally, the Frenchman was rewarded with a solid ninth place finish. With one day of racing to go, Adrien now lies sixth in the overall provisional classification.

Tomorrow brings the final day of the Silk Way Rally and the fifth and final stage will be a re-run of stage two. With both Adrien and Andrew previously enjoying the mixed terrain special, both riders are confident of securing yet more strong results as they look to bring their time in Russia to a positive end.

Andrew Short - Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

6th Stage 4

Today was a re-run of yesterday’s stage and I thought that after the trucks had been through it, it would be pretty beat up, but it wasn’t, which was good. For the river crossings I walked my bike through them after what happened yesterday and in the end it was a good stage for me. The liaison afterwards had some amazing scenery to enjoy while riding back to the bivouac, so that was cool. With one day to go I’m feeling good and looking forward to ending the rally with a solid result.

Andrew Short - Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
Adrien Van Beveren – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

9th Stage 4

Much like yesterday I applied the same strategy on today’s stage. I knew where the dangers were so I could focus on getting past them safely and I also knew where I could make up time. There were still some sketchy moments riding through water as you never know what you’re riding over, but for me it was good to ride in conditions like this and it was also a good test for the bike as well.

Adrien Van Beveren – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
2021 Silk Way Rally

Stage 4 Provisional Classification

1. Daniel Sanders (GASGAS) 1:23:05
2. Skyler Howes (Husqvarna) 1:24:11 + 0:01:06
3. Matthias Walkner (KTM) 1:24:33 + 0:01:28
4. Sebastian Buhler (Hero) 1:25:06 + 0:02:01
5. Franco Caimi (Hero) 1:27:46 + 0:04:41
6. Andrew Short (Yamaha) 1:28:38 + 0:05:33

9. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 1:30:53 + 0:07:48

Dakar Rally 2020
2021 Silk Way Rally

Overall Provisional Classification

1. Matthias Walkner (KTM) 5:13:57
2. Skyler Howes (Husqvarna) 5:18:44 + 0:04:47
3. Franco Caimi (Hero) 5:19:33 + 0:05:36
4. Daniel Sanders (GASGAS) 5:22:32 + 0:08:35
5. Sebastian Buhler (Hero) 5:22:42 + 0:08:45
6. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 5:29:44 + 0:15:47

8. Andrew Short (Yamaha) 6:00:24 + 0:46:27

Dakar Rally 2020