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Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Search for Hot Lap Time on Sepang Friday

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Search for Hot Lap Time on Sepang Friday

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp‘s Manuel Gonzalez and Kohta Nozane started the Grand Prix of Malaysia weekend with perfectly dry riding conditions in P1 and P2 and showed good pace but ultimately lacked one-lap speed. The duo finished the Friday in 18th and 27th place in the combined timesheets.

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp‘s Manuel Gonzalez and Kohta Nozane got a taste of the Sepang International Circuit‘s fast yet technical nature in both of the dry Friday practice sessions at the Grand Prix of Malaysia. Gonzalez showed early form but came short in the time attack and ended the day in 18th. Nozane made solid improvement and wrapped up the day in 27th place.

Gonzalez topped the P1 session from the get-go and kept defending the number-1 position as the times improved. He held the top spot with his 2‘07.238s set on lap 5 until the times dropped in the final stages. The Spaniard completed ten more laps but didn‘t improve and ended the morning in ninth place.

Manugasss continued his provisional-Q2 pace at the start of the afternoon session. A 2‘07.757s, set on lap 3 held him in 12th place in the first half. However, the times then started to drop. Gonzalez knew he had work to do and posted a 2‘07.163s for seventh on his eighth lap. He kept pushing but didn‘t better his time and ended P2 in 16th place and wrapped up the Friday in 18th in the combined timesheets.

Nozane made the most of the perfect riding conditions at the Sepang circuit this morning. He used the 40 minutes of track time to refamiliarize himself with the circuit. His previous YZF-R1 testing experience came to good use, but the Japanese rider did still have to adapt to the Moto2 lines. He got in 13 laps and set a best time of 2‘09.264s for 27th place.

The number-5 rider made a further step in the first half of P2. He set a 2‘08.978s on lap 6, improving by 0.286s on his morning time, but he still found himself in 29th place when the time attack started at the end of the session. Nozane took it up a notch and finished with a 2‘08.258s set on lap 14 that earned him 27th place in the P2 and the combined P1+P2 rankings.

The Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp teammates will be back in action from 09:25 - 09:55 GMT +8 on Saturday for P3, followed by the qualifying sessions from 13:45 - 14:25.

Manuel Gonzalez

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp

"We didn‘t have a great day. Practice 1 was pretty okay. I started working with the soft tyre from the first exit and my feelings were good, but the lap time wasn‘t because our tyre was very used at the end of the session. In P2, with the new tyre, I was not comfortable, and the rear was sliding a lot, so I went to the box to change it. When we wanted to go back out on track, the bike was not starting, and I finished the session without doing more laps to improve."

Kohta Nozane

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp

"I‘m feeling good, but I need to change my riding style a little bit. I‘ll work hard tomorrow as well! We are getting better, so I want to give an extra push tomorrow to see if I can get a good qualifying position."

Gelete Nieto

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp, Sports Director

"Today‘s strategy didn‘t get us where we wanted to be.

"Manu was not feeling good with the set-up. We need to work a lot to solve some problems we were faced with today. We hope for a dry session tomorrow morning.

"Kohta improved in the second practice of the day, he‘s closer to some good riders. He needs to work with the team to understand where to improve to get a better result tomorrow."