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Gonzalez Masters Mandalika Track Layout On Indonesia GP Friday

Gonzalez Masters Mandalika Track Layout On Indonesia GP Friday

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp‘s Manuel Gonzalez and Kohta Nozane had a very positive start to the Grand Prix of Indonesia. They completed the Friday in 4th and 24th place respectively in the combined P1+P2 results.

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp‘s Manuel Gonzalez and Kohta Nozane had a solid opening day at Round 15 of the 2023 Moto2 World Championship in Indonesia. Gonzalez topped the morning session and went on to set the fourth fastest time in the afternoon. Nozane had his best Moto2 session in the morning, taking 13th place. However, he didn‘t find the pace he was looking for in the afternoon and finished 24th in the combined timesheets. 

Gonzalez showed his love for the Mandalika track in the 40-minute morning session. Despite a red-flag situation, he kept his concentration and topped the session multiple times. His 1‘34.871s, set on lap 18/20, about five minutes before the end of the already hot morning session, was a new All Time Lap Record bettering last year‘s by 0.7s. The hot lap gave him a 0.455s-margin over the next fastest rider at the time. Though the gap went down after the time attacks of his rivals in the final stages, Manugass still held a comfortable lead of 0.360s at the end.

The Spaniard continued making progress in the afternoon. He was again a fixed feature at the top of the live timings until the final stages of the session when his rivals started pushing extra hard. Gonzalez‘ best effort, a 1‘34.769s set on lap 14/21, earned him fourth place in the P2 and combined results. 

Nozane also showed his experience at the Mandalika track by having his best session to date. The Japanese rookie made full use of P1 to get in as many laps aboard the Moto2 bike as possible. He briefly featured inside the top 10 with a 1‘35.926s, set on lap 19/21. It was fast enough to keep in him 13th place in the timesheets at the end of the session.

The track action remained hot in P2. With the temperatures still above 30°C, the challenge for the afternoon was again to contend with the physically demanding conditions. The number-5 rider set a best time of 1‘36.238s, on lap 15/18, that put him in 26th place in the session rankings. However, his faster morning time had him finish the day in 24th place in the combined results.

The Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp teammates will be back in action from 09:25 - 09:55 GMT +8 on Saturday for P3, followed by the qualifying sessions from 13:45 - 14:25.

Manuel Gonzalez

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp

"It was a great Friday for us. In P1, I felt fast from the beginning, and I finished in first place having set the top lap time with the hard rear tyre. In P2, we worked on the race pace, comparing both rear tyre options because the temperature is high, and it will be important to be comfortable and have a good pace at the end of the race."

Kohta Nozane

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp

"I had a good feeling in P1, both with the bike and with my riding style. I changed the settings in P2, and I was riding well in some points, but not so much in others. I‘ll switch back to the P1 setting for tomorrow‘s practice, and I‘ll change some other things as well. The conditions should be less hot in P3, so we can push more. In general, it was a positive day."

Gelete Nieto

Correos Prepago Yamaha VR46 Master Camp, Sports Director

"We started the weekend in a positive way. In P1, Manu was the fastest. His pace is really good, even in these hot conditions. He‘s still struggling on new tyres though, as he was in Japan, and we need to work on this.

"Kohta also was fast in P1. He changed something in the settings for P2, but he didn‘t like it that much. He‘ll go back to the first setting tomorrow morning. Overall, it was a good Friday."