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Yamaha VR46 Master Camp to Fully Open Throttle in Spielberg

Yamaha VR46 Master Camp to Fully Open Throttle in Spielberg

Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team‘s Manuel Gonzalez and Keminth Kubo are determined to show strong performances at the Spielberg circuit in Austria this weekend.

Manuel Gonzalez and Keminth Kubo are keen to show off the hard work they put in ahead of Round 13 of the 2022 Moto2 World Championship. Gonzalez has been working on his physical condition to be in top shape for the Austrian GP. Kubo also has done his homework to get to know the unique Spielberg circuit‘s lay-out.

Gonzalez arrived in Austria holding 16th place in the championship standings, with 44 points in total. Having had medical treatment to solve the occasional sudden arm pain he experiences in races, he is feeling confident that he will be able to produce a solid performance this weekend.

Kubo is looking forward to making his debut at the rather special Spielberg circuit, which has a unique lay-out of eight right and three left corners. His goal is to book personal progress this weekend and score some championship points again. He is currently in 28th position in the rankings, with 4 points in total.

The Spielberg circuit was constructed in 1969 and was rebuilt in 1996. It hosted two Austrian GPs in the 90s and staged its return to MotoGP Grand Prix racing after nineteen years in 2016. It has been a fixture on the MotoGP calendar since, even hosting two consecutive GPs (Austrian GP and Styrian GP) in 2020 and 2021. The track has a special character, with only 11 turns in total (three left and eight right) and multiple long straights, the longest measuring 626m. The circuit's design puts the emphasis on top speed, acceleration and braking stability, offering the riders plenty of opportunities to fully open the throttle.

Gelete Nieto

Sports Director

"We have arrived in Austria at one of the most demanding circuits for the engines. It also has two very important braking points where the brakes tend to suffer more than normal. Manu is showing that he is at a very good level, but both he and his team know that there is still a lot to improve. This week Manu visited his doctor. They treated him to try to improve his arm pain problem. Kubo arrives at another circuit that he doesn't know, but this circuit shouldn't cause him much difficulty, since it's not too complicated. It‘s very important for him to try to ride with other riders from the beginning and to get to know the circuit and gain confidence as soon as possible."

Manuel Gonzalez

Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team

"I had a medical check last week to fix the problem with my arm, and I was given some plasma in the tendon. It should work, and I shouldn't have any more pain. The Spielberg racetrack is difficult, but I'm fully motivated and I want to improve again, as I've always done in the past races."

Keminth Kubo

Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team

"I'm fully motivated to do a great job this weekend in Austria. I'll start working hard with my team from Thursday, I'll be concentrated, and I'll do my best in this 13th race of the season!"