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Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team Start Sachsenring Weekend Reunited

Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team Start Sachsenring Weekend Reunited

The Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team is reunited, with both Manuel Gonzalez and Keminth Kubo ready to rock the Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland.

The Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team is ready for action in the motor-crazy state of Saxony in Germany. They will be tackling the twisty Sachsenring, which Manuel Gonzalez visited once before but is completely new to Keminth Kubo.

Gonzalez arrives in Germany with some very special training sessions under his belt. Last week he visited the Yamaha VR46 Master Camp five-day training programme on the final two days. He joined the selected riders at Valentino Rossi‘s Flat Track circuit at the Motor Ranch, did a MiniGP session at Jeepers Kart Circuit, and a session on Yamaha YZF-R3s at Galliano Park. The experience has helped him recharge his batteries for the upcoming GP weekend.

With the full support of the team, Keminth missed the Catalan GP following the passing of his beloved father. He took some time off to be with his family and loved ones during this emotional time. He now feels that he is ready to return to the track again. He is looking forward to getting a lot of laps in at the Sachsenring this weekend to get back into the rhythm.

The area of Chemnitz is known for its love of car and motorcycle racing. Originally, races in the area were held on closed public roads from the 1920s onward. The Sachsenring was built in 1996 for safety reasons. Two years later, the track hosted its first MotoGP event. The just 12m wide circuit has numerous tight corners (ten left, three right), making this circuit one of the slower tracks on the calendar, but there will still be plenty of action at the German GP.

Gelete Nieto

Sports Director

"The Sachsenring circuit is a short circuit that‘s not very complicated. Its first two sectors are slow. However, the third and fourth are fast. With Manu we have to continue the ascending line we‘re on. Especially for the technical team it is very important to make a good approach during all the free practice sessions. Our goal is to go directly into Q2, just like we did at the previous race weekend. We are happy to have Kubo back with us in Europe before the summer break. He needs to ride as much as possible to gain confidence on this track that is new for him, and to find a good feeling with his bike again."

Manuel Gonzalez

Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team

"I've been at the Sachsenring five years ago, and I'm really looking forward to ride on this German track again. After the good result we achieved in Catalunya and the training I had last week with the Master Camp riders, I'm fully motivated. I'm also happy to have Kubo back with us in the garage!"

Keminth Kubo

Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Team

"It's good for me to be back in Europe and to return to my racing life. Sachsenring is a new circuit for me. It won't be easy after my two-week stop to get back onto the pace again right away, but I'll do my best, and I'll work hard with my team. I have an extra fire in me now."