Seguy fights the pain for fourth


Despite a serious and all-but cured knee injury, French rider Luigi Seguy finished a consistent fourth place in the Spanish 125cc Grand Prix today on the undulating Bellpuig circuit. Seguy who had held third place for 13 of the 21 lap race is still suffering from ligament damage in his left knee, and dropped off the pace of the top three as the race reached the closing stages.

Marc de Reuver failed to get a good start and he lacked a bit of confidence to go all-out to recover the ground he lost in the first laps of the race. He finished in 11th position.

L. Seguy - 4th / M. de Reuver - 11th

Seguy and De Reuver looked good in their joint qualifying heat race on Saturday, finishing 1st and 2nd. “My qualification race was very good,” Seguy said. “I got a great start and just kept a good rhythm, winning ahead of De Reuver. My bike is so strong at the moment, although my knee is still a problem for me, I am not 100% and to win the GP you have to be completely fit.”

The race on Sunday began well for Seguy. The Frenchman looked strong as he battled for a podium finish.“ I had a good start, like in fifth place of something,” Seguy said. “I was feeling really good in the early part of the race, moving up to third place and holding off Eric Eggens and the others. Then my ligaments started hurting in my knee. Landing on the jump I really had a lot of pain in my knee. 
"I am going to Germany in two weeks though with the intention of winning, my speed is good enough and so is the bike, once I get over my knee problems I will be okay.”

Bellpuig was the first hard-packed track on the calendar and for De Reuver this is still quite a challenge, more than to the riders from the southern parts of Europe. In the race a podium soon was out of reach as he rode the first laps loosing terrain to the top ten. “ I felt good in qualification race,” De Reuver said. “My start was not so hot and I was a long way back. But I could pass so many guys though and to still finish second was a very good result, it made me very confident”.

“Again my start was very bad for the race. The front wheel came up a little out of the start, I was in 15th place or something like that. Many guys passed me in the first lap. I lost too many places, because I didn’t want to crash. I make big crashes sometimes early in the races and that was in my mind on this track. My rhythm was good for a while and I got to 11th place. When I got into that position the others were like eight second ahead and I could not catch them. My condition was good, but I just could not close the distance. I would make some time on them and then they would pull away again. The track was so rough, so many ruts, but still I felt strong and up to it during the whole race.

“I’m really disappointed, hopefully I can practice on hard tracks some more to go okay at Germany. Maybe that was another problem here, I have been practicing on sand tracks in Holland and I was maybe not fully prepared for this place.”