Fast Yamaha riders miss results to match


The official Yamaha 125 riders suffered a poor race in Germany with disappointing results, after initially showing some impressive performances in Saturday’s qualification. Luigi Seguy recovered from a poor start to end the race in seventh, while Mark de Reuver crashed twice to finish outside the points in 24th place.

In the run-up to the race things looked positive for both Yamaha YZ125 hopefuls. In qualification De Reuver won his heat race, with Seguy following in fourth position. For De Reuver it was just the start he wanted after problems in the opening two rounds of the championship. The then hopeful young Dutchman said. “I like the track, it is very fast, but for passing it is tough. If I can catch a start as in my qualification race and get to the front quickly, I will be all-right for tomorrow.”

Contrary to De Reuver, the high-speed character of the circuit was not to the liking of Seguy “Too fast,” he said. “I don’t like the speed of the track at all, if you miss the start your lost”.

Unfortunately that was what happened to Luigi “I had a very bad start,” declared a dejected Seguy. “I am not sure what happened, but I was about 20th or something and passed some riders on the first lap. I was flying and by the end of the opening lap I was in 11th place.” 
Seguy climbed through the field, although his progress was slowed as it became more difficult to overtake the faster riders.
“I pushed hard, but got caught behind some riders, first Metcalfe, then Rattray. I had some problems with my front forks too, we changed the setting before the race but it turned out they were in too stiff, that is why I developed arm pump.”

With the laps running out Seguy settled into ninth place, then with one lap to go he passed Rattray and Steve Ramon for seventh. “Around half race distance I could not fight anymore and had to try and survive. My condition is getting better, I am finally able to train during the week and while I am not 100% I am much better than in Spain or Holland, my knee is not slowing me down anymore. This track was so fast, to pass riders was difficult because everyone is one the same pace. To get to seventh place is maybe okay, it’s just not good enough for the championship.”

De Reuver never really got competitive in the race after colliding with Jeff Dement on the start straight. ”He just rode into me,” De Reuver said. I crashed really hard and landed on my head. I got going again but was way outside the top twenty and later on I crashed again. De Reuver blamed nerves for his bad weekend.

“I don’t know what the problem was, maybe I put too much pressure on myself after being so quick in qualification. I was also quickest this morning in practice, so I was thinking about a podium.”