Serge Guidetty just misses podium


In front of 12.000 spectators the Yamaha factory supported riders struggled in the Italian 125cc Grand Prix, held on the fast Castiglione del Lago track. Luigi Seguy finished in 18th place after crashing out early, while Mark De Reuver could only manage 26th place, also the Dutchman crashed in the early stages of the Grand Prix. Non-factory riders Serge Guidetty and Josef Dobes proved consistently fast though, finishing in fourth and sixth respectively.

Especially for Guidetty it was a great race as he ran as high as third place, only to lose places to first Steve Ramon, then to Patrick Caps. As the race closed up Guidetty was able to re-pass Ramon though with one lap to go. Dobes held tenth place in the first lap, yet came back to finish with his best result of the year.

The race was won by Mikael Maschio, who seems to be developing as the main challenger for the 125 world championship.

For Seguy it was never going to be a great weekend. The Frenchman is seriously considering having an operation on his injured knee.
"My knee is just no good, Seguy said. “It all started before this season, after Beaucaire I had an MRI scan which just showed some ‘free play’ in my knee. As my problems continued I had another scan on May 15th which showed a cracked meniscus and a ligament injury. It is a tough situation, some day I can ride no problem and then next I’m in pain on the bike. It is difficult to decide what to do, stop and have an operation or continue and probably score disappointing results.
“I will go to the doctor on Monday and if he says I have to have an operation I will. If my ligaments are badly affected then the recovery period will be very long, my season will be pretty much over then. If I only need an operation for the meniscus, then I can come back more quickly.”

Seguy did not need to qualify on Saturday due to his place in the top ten of the points standing and was happy to see the Italian track.
“It’s very hard and fast,” Seguy said. “For me this one of the best race tracks of the year.”
De Reuver had big problems in his qualifying race on Saturday; “I was second in the start and a rider hit me and I was off the track, I was eight and came back to third which got me through.

On race day Seguy and De Reuver both had mixed starts. Seguy fought at the front of the pack and De Reuver was left fighting near the rear.
“I had a good start,” Seguy said. “I was about fourth, then I had a crash and the front end of the bike was feeling very strange. I had some wild moments with some other riders and I didn’t want to crash again. I tried to keep going, just not doing anything stupid. The track was really good for me and I was enjoying myself, despite that I could not really go flat out. Tomorrow I go to the hospital and see what they can do for me.”
"Not so good in the start,” De Reuver said. “I was 20th or something like that. Riders were everywhere, after a few corners I got some space and was in front of Dupasquier, then I jumped in a corner and on landing my front wheel slipped away and I was down. The clutch lever and some other controls were bent which took some time to put right. I also bent the exhaust pipe and as a result lost power. I didn’t want to come in, wanted to do the full distance even if I was a long way back. The track is so flat and hard, for me a difficult track. I rode as hard as I could, but unfortunately there were no points as a reward for me in the end.”