No improvement for Yamaha in Austria


French rider Luigi Seguy fought through severe pain to finish in 12th place in the World 125cc Grand Prix, held in Austria. Seguy who rides for the Yamaha JK Racing Team is suffering from meniscus and ligament damage to his knee, and struggled throughout the race as he continued to try and keep the injury out if his mind. Yamaha’s other factory supported rider Mark De Reuver failed to finish the Grand Prix after crashing hard in the first lap, suffering a concussion.
The current 125 world Champ James Dobb made a one-off return to the class and proved he still is the best, winning the race in front of veteran Alex Puzar.

With the season now half way over Seguy is in a disappointing 11th place in the standings with 46 points, but with just five points to eight position there is scope for improvement. The best-placed Yamaha rider in Austria, same like a fortnight ago, was Serge Guidetty; he finished in eight place and is the third Yamaha rider in the standings in 14th with 36 points.

For French Motocross des Nations 2001 hero Seguy the race was never going to be a good experience.
“ It was impossible,” Seguy said. “I did not want to take any risks in the first lap, it was so easy to crash, I don’t need to crash on my knee! I was a long way back, maybe 25th. After one lap I was in about 15th place and really fighting to keep my concentration. So many times I had to just grit my teeth and ride through the pain. On the jumps I had to hold my knee’ against the tank so I would not jar the knee too much. I also rode around sitting down in places were I really should have been standing up on the bike. My knee is really holding me down. I just could not concentrate, my mind was wondering all the time, thinking about how I could ride protecting my knee as much as possible.”

Mark De Reuver who suffers the worst season of his short career also found the first lap a nightmare. The Eggens Yamaha team rider held 26th place after one lap, and soon found himself in trouble.
“Somebody hit me in the start, because of that I had a bad position in the first lap. I moved up to 22nd place when I crashed because my front wheel slipped away. I landed pretty hard on my head and didn’t even know whether I was in Austria or anywhere else! Still I got going again and noticed my goggles were broken. I stopped in the pits, got out again, did a couple of laps and started feeling funny. I was not comfortable riding around and it all started to feel a bit scary, so I pulled in. What can I say? I don’t know how I can turn this season around, it’s just terrible at the moment.”