Chiodi returns with a podium


After a difficult injury hampered 2000 season, Alessio Chiodi proved to be back fighting fit with a commendable third place finish. The three times 125 world champ has returned this year to Yamaha in the team with the biggest ‘floor space’ in the paddock, the Skittles Yamaha Team Radiorama. Luigi Seguy was the second YZ125 in sixth and Chiodi’s teammate Alessandro Belometti was close behind in seventh. There was disappointment for both Luca Cherubini and Brian Jörgensen who finished outside the points.

A. Chiodi – 3rd / L. Seguy – 6th / A. Belometti – 7th / L. Cherubini – 19th / B. Jörgensen - DNF 

Chiodi had a difficult start and found himself in tenth after the first lap. ‘I took some time to get going, I have not raced for 100% in GP’s for a long time and have get to accustomed to riding on the edge. I know that the season is long and we have some more work to do on the bike as well. However third as a start to the season is good and I can look forward to the next races with confidence. More I do not need for the moment.’

Luigi Seguy also caught a bad start, but limited the damage with finishing just outside the top five. Seguy rode clever lines and his official YRRD tuned YZ125 did the rest to limit the damage of unfortunate start. ‘The track is tough and passing is not without risk, but I took my changes anyway and it paid off’.

Many riders agreed that the track was not inviting passing manouvres, but looking at the riding of Alessandro Belometti he didn’t really agree. ‘Alex’ rode an awesome race when he found himself almost last after the first lap, but then started chipping away competitors as though they were amateurs. ‘I was near last and thought I was in trouble. Luckily I found good speed straight away and passed many riders. It’s not at all easy here, but when you work hard you can really enjoy this track. Still I am disappointed, with a reasonable start I could have finished much better.’