Podiums too for Yamaha’s 125 riders


Yamaha’s fortunes continued for the 125 official riders, with Alessandro Belometti and Alessio Chiodi both making the podium at the Australian 125cc Grand Prix. Luigi Seguy was not far behind, trailing Brian Jorgensen and Patrick Caps to complete another Yamaha-dominated top ten result. Number one spot went to Britain’s James Dobb, who extends his lead in the championship standings to 31 points.

A. Belometti – 2nd / A. Chiodi – 3rd / L. Seguy – 5th / B. Jörgensen – 8th / P. Caps – 9th / S. Breugelmans – 12th / M. de Reuver – 20th 

Strong throughout the weekend, Belometti took advantage of overnight improvements in the track’s condition: “I had an okay start, something like 7th place, then I was able to find some good lines, the track is much better today and I could pass much better. It's my first podium visit for two years and I now know I can make it there much more often.”

Teammate Alessio Chiodi had found qualifying more challenging, reflecting: “The bike is strong, however the track is very rough, it's difficult to find good lines and on some corners it's only one line.” But the ex-champ found more to be happier about after an excellent race result: “For me it was a good race, my start was not so good, although I got through to the top five quickly. Many riders were racing hard and I was able to get passed Erik Eggens and then Ramon crashed, which slowed me. From there I tried to catch Belometti, but he was just too far ahead. ” 

JT Racing’s Seguy commented: “It was a lonely race, I had a slow start, in about 10th place, then I stayed in 9th for many laps, got passed Jorgensen, Eggens and Sword. I could not do any better with the start I had, but I am not too disappointed, I did my best.” 

Racing for Team Yamaha UK, Jörgensen showed disappointment with his form: “I got arm pump very quickly and struggled for the complete race, it was not a good race for me and to be honest I really had trouble holding the bike again, the ground was very hard, which made my arms even worse.”