Podiums for local Yamaha Stars


As is more often the case with GP’s held in Holland and Belgium, the local heroes stole the show at the Belgium GP held in Genk. Although championship leader James Dobb won the 125 race, Yamaha riders and ‘low land’ locals Sven Breugelmans and Mark de Reuver managed to claim podium finishes. 
The usual Yamaha stars and frontrunners did not have a great weekend, with championship candidate Alessio Chiodi being sidelined after he had a nightmare qualifying session.

S. Breugelmans – 2nd / M. de Reuver - 3rd / P. Caps – 4th / B. Jörgensen – 7th / L. Seguy – 11th / A. Belometti – 17th / A. Chiodi – DNQ / L. Cherubini - DNQ

Chiodi had DNF'd from his heat race after machine problems, then crashed twice in the last chance race. “I don’t like the track here,” Chiodi said. “I was hoping they would fix the track, but they didn’t do enough. There is only one line, its very muddy and with small rocks all over the place. A stone got stuck between my gear lever and so could not change gears in the qualifying session. I was forced to stop.
In the last chance qualifying session my speed was okay, but I crashed twice and scored a DNQ. For the championship this is a big setback, I lost allot of ground on Dobb in the championship and worse even I did not even have a change to race him today.”

Yamaha Team AXO rider Luca Cherubini’s qualifying resembled that of Chiodi. Luca crashed in qualifying and also in the last change qualifying.” I should have come through the last chance qualifying session,” he said. “The last chance was never going to be easy with so many good riders, I started back in about 15th place and worked my way through to 8th place, then I fell and dropped back. With only the first six qualifying from the last chance my 8th place finish was not good enough.”

Because of Yamaha’s strong presence throughout the 125 class the changes for podium results are still realistic even if the established starts have an off-day.
Like before, Dutch Yamaha mounted competitors, Sven Breugelmans and Mark De Reuver protected the honors well.
It even looked as though Breugelmans was up to improve his second place finish last year at the Dutch GP held in Grobbendonk, when he led the early stages of the race, pulling as much as a six second gap on Dobb. “My rhythm was good.” Breugelmans said. “I did my best to keep Dobb out, but in the end he was just too quick, I did manage to pass him at one stage, but then he re-passed me quickly and then moved away.”

Mark De Reuver rode a consistent race not dissimilar from his podium result race in round 2 (Valkenswaard) last month. Mark held third place for most of the race, although he did crash at the mid-stage of the moto.

Brain Jörgensen is looking stronger race by race and finished in a solid seventh spot. “My condition is good now and I needed it today! It’s not an easy track, but we all race on it and that should not matter too much. The bike is working well after we did allot testing earlier this week. I’m OK with seventh, but hope form here it will be all the way up for the next races.”