Belometti first Yamaha in 4th


Skittles Yamaha Team Radiorama rider Alessandro Belometti just missed out on a podium, finishing in fourth spot. With this solid result he was the best official Yamaha rider in the GP of Mittel Deutchland, held at the much beloved Teutschental track. His finish as the top Yamaha and his second spot in round 2 (Australia) has promoted Allessandro to fifth in the standings. 
Belometti led his teammate Alessio Chiodi who crossed the line in eight after a difficult but very determined race. In Chiodi’s wake were another four Yamaha riders in the points, under which Luigi Seguy in fourteenth.

The race was won by the seemingly unbeatable James Dobb, who scored his fourth victory out of five races.

A. Belometti – 4th / A. Chiodi – 8th / L. Seguy – 14th / B. Jörgensen – 16th / L. Cherubini – 19th

Belometti started in tenth place, then slowly moved through the field. After having a great race with another Yamaha rider Patrick Caps, Belometti was able to move into fourth place, just a short distance behind Steve Ramon in third.
“I am glad with the result” Belometti said. “I would have loved to have been on the podium and I was nearly there. The race was good for me, and the bike set-up has been perfect all weekend. I am now in fifth place in the championship and with some more good results I can maybe make the top three, which is my aim at present. I knew when I got to this track I would like it, it a little like the tracks back home in Italy and it’s fast, Italian riders are always good on these type of tracks.”

Alessio Chiodi had to fight hard after a bad start and a crash saw him almost in dead last position. He considered retiring after these set backs, but then showed great spirit, riding hard to finish in eight place. 
Nevertheless Alessio was bitterly disappointed. “I was in about sixth place on the first lap,” Chiodi said. “Then I crashed just over a small jump and all the riders ran over my bike, I could not get started again and when I eventually got going again I was just about last. I was so sorry for myself that I had trouble continuing, but then I decided to put my head down and try to finish as high as possible.
That worked out and on the last lap I was able to pass Camerlengo for eight. Considering where I came from I did very well, but I missed out on many points and for that I am sorry for the team and for myself.”

Luigi Seguy had a race quick to forget, ending up with just two points. Seguy started in twelfth place, but dropped down to twenty-first place on lap two, then battled through to finally finish in his fourteenth place. Obviously Seguy was disappointed with his result.
“I crashed on lap three and bent the bike up pretty bad, I broke the fork and on all the bumps it was very difficult to hold onto the bike. I was all over the track and just tried to finish. I liked the track and could have done okay, it’s a really good hard packed track and I like that. Still it is better to forget about the race today and look ahead to the next round in Francorchamps.”

Brian Jörgensen battled almost the entire race with his Yamaha Motocross Team UK teammate, Billy Mackenzie, The Dane stated; “I knew I had to get the start right, without a good start my race was always going to be tough, on lap one I was in eleventh place and riding okay, then on lap five I crashed and dropped back to about twentieth spot. The dust made it difficult to pass riders and I had some trouble getting past Billy (Mackenzie).”