Chiodi closing in on championship leaders


Alessio Chiodi claimed a hard fought fourth place in the European 125cc Grand Prix, after he suffered a bad start that forced him to chase through the field during the entire race. The result re-establishes Chiodi as top Yamaha rider, occupying fourth in the Championship standing, twelve points behind third place.
Skittles Yamaha Team Radiorama Team mate Alessandro Belometti was happy to have qualified after he crashed and hurt his arm in qualifying. He ended the race in fourteenth spot.
As usual there were many other Yamaha riders finishing in points, seven in total. Sven Breugelmans, always strong in front of his home crowd, looked set to finish on the podium again, but slid off and settled for a seventh place finish. YRRD supported rider Luigi Seguy was a few seconds behind in eight.

A. Chiodi – 4th / L. Seguy – 8th / A. Belometti – 14th / B. Jörgensen – DNF / L. Cherubini – DNF

Alessio Chiodi made sure he got through the qualifying sessions OK this time, after having suffered dismal luck in the previous rounds. The Francorchamp track featured a bit of everything, basically it has moist surface with sand and hard packed parts. Chiodi did not favour the track. ‘I am not a fan of a track like this, it’s too varied, many area’s are soft but then you find hard parts and even some stony bits. The track layout is good though, very technical, but the differences in soil I don’t like so much.'

When the gates dropped Chiodi was too aggressive on the gas and wheelied out of the start gate; ‘The race was difficult, I missed the start and was a long way back on the lead riders, I just gave it too much power and could not get the front wheel down quickly enough, which meant that I had to get past many riders in the first lap. I moved into seventh place around lap five, then was able to pass Stephen Sword, who slowed me up for too long. With one lap remainin I managed to get passed Kenneth Gundersen.
The result did not satisfy Chiodi completely; ‘I felt confident that I could win, in practice my speed was as good as Dobb’s and the other top riders. I hoped to be top three, but just missed out.’

Unlike his team mate Alessandro Belometti liked the track, but was disappointed the race only brought him two points. Belometti said; ‘The weekend started positive and in free practice I was in sixth place. Then it went all wrong, I crashed in qualification and had to work hard to get through the Saturday program. I hurt my arm in the crash, at first I thought it might be broken, but it’s not, still the pain on Saturday was not easy to work with.'

On race day Belometti caught a bad start, but moved up through the field rather quickly. ‘Once I got into fourteenth place I tried to keep on charging, but could not get a better position. I’m not totally happy, as I was starting to like the track. For the last ten laps my injured arm started to play up, so I had to consolidate my two points finish.’