De Reuver makes his mark abroad


Dutchman Mark de Reuver was the fastest Yamaha rider crossing the line at the Swedish 125cc Grand Prix in fourth, 22 seconds behind race winner Kenneth Gundersen. It’s a significant accomplishment for the 19 year old, not because it is his best ever result, but for the fact that he scored so high on a track he had not yet raced on. De Reuver has showed his speed beginning of the year at GP’s in Holland and Belgium on the typical sand tracks with two third place podiums, but his result today signifies that he is growing into a serious championship contender. A rider to be reckoned with at each round of the championship.
Closely behind De Reuver was YRRD supported Luigi Seguy who collected 11 points from a fifth position finish, despite a painful back injury.

Another injury victim was championship leader James Dobb, who fractured a collarbone in qualifying. Dobb opted out of the race, but hopes to be back soon to defend his leading position. Top Yamaha contender Alessio Chiodi missed the race as well due to a back injury sustained in a race in the US, while Yamaha Team Axo’s Luca Cherubini was out with the flu.

M. de Reuver – 4th / L. Seguy – 5th / B. Jörgensen – 7th / A. Belometti – 8th / A. Chiodi – DNS / L. Cherubini - DNS

After the race Marc de Reuver was in euphoric mood wbecause he got hole shot and raced with the lead riders for many laps. "I was leading into the first corner, but Gundersen passed me pretty quickly. I then held second place for many laps, but was getting much pressure from Ramon, as he passed me, Eggens also went by not much later, they were just a bit too quick for me. But fact is I'm not really a hard track rider, so this result is great for my confidence. I am becoming more all-round and I hope I can have more races on foreign tracks like this".

Luigi Seguy had a tough one in Sweden, riding with a serious back injury from crashing on the Saturday. "I injured my back landing on a jump and had to wear a back brace. It was very painful, nearly too much to ride. I started in around tenth place and just did my best. After ten laps I passed maybe two riders, at that time I was not at all sure about finishing the race, I felt sick from the pain. I carried on though and even was able to pass Belometti and Jörgensen, then with five laps to go I also got by Sword. I am very happy with fifth place, I really deserved it!”

Brian Jörgensen, the Dane from the Team Yamaha Motocross UK, showed his speed by winning the first qualifying race (QR1) on Saturday, but did not quite match that performance in the race, "I felt great in the qualification race on Saturday. I had not been home for seven months and with the break this last month I could go back to Denmark, I felt really eager to race this weekend, but today was not good. I had an average start, about seventh, but then I just stagnated. I was not thinking and could not get into a good rhythm. The pace was tough, many riders battling for the top five positions and I started riding defensively. The track was also a bit narrow and that did not give me many opportunities for passing riders."

Alessandro Belometti claimed eight position, he too found the conditions for the track difficult, despite winning his qualifying race (QR2) on the Saturday. "It was just no good. I had a good start in fourth, then I just dropped back, on lap three Ramon and Jörgensen passed me and I was in a bunch that were really riding hard. I knew after Saturday I could have been on the podium and that was my aim for this weekend, so I am very disappointed with the result."