Seguy scores first podium of the year


Yamaha France supported YRRD rider Luigi Seguy celebrated his first GP podium finish of the year with a well-deserved third place finish. Another Yamaha rider that performed well was Belgian Patrick Caps, who came home in fifth. Alessio Chiodi, still recuperating from his back injury, was the last Yamaha in the top 10 in seventh position. Other Yamaha regular front-runners as Alessandro Belometti and Brian Jörgensen had a less favourable weekend, the both riders struggled with the heavy mud of the Ernee track.
Championship leader James Dobb had a strong return from injury with a second place finish, while Kenneth Gundersen won his second GP in a row.

L. Seguy – 3rd / P. Caps – 5th / A. Chiodi – 7th / A. Belometti – 14th / B. Jörgensen – 23rd / L.Cherubini - DNS

Luigi Seguy had a good start and occupied fourth place in the opening minutes, but on lap four passed Stephen Sword moving into third place. Seguy was more than happy to defend this position; “I am so happy,” Seguy said. “I could hear the crowd screaming and I knew I needed to stay at least on the podium. This is the first time all year that I have been able to get a good start and I proved I could race up front. I saw with a few laps to go that I had a chance to catch Jamie Dobb in second place, but then I made a couple of mistakes and he got away from me. It was also better to not crash and lose my podium, the crowd would not have been pleased with that.

“I had some trouble with the conditions of the track, with the rain on Saturday the mud was on the outside and if you drifted wide it was just impossible to pass riders. Now I have to do the other GP’s like this one. My goal has always been to be on the podium and I think if I get good starts I can get in the top three of the standings.”

Patrick Caps generally has no problem with mud as long as it is not French mud. “Normally I am okay in muddy conditions,” Caps said. “But this mud though was different. I got an okay start, but some riders passed me in the first few laps. I had to be consistent and fought for the top five position, for that I am happy.”

Alessio Chiodi’s seventh place is a good result considering the fact that he did not race for over a month. “I don’t like finishing outside the top three, but my condition is still not perfect and the track was very demanding with many ruts from the rain. It was tough to stay focused. I was in around tenth place on the first lap and could pass Guidetty on lap six, once past him I made up some places quickly. I pushed to try and get to Puzar and Ramon, but I could not, they were quite fast and the risk of passing on this track is too high. By lap eight I was seventh and that’s where I stayed. I don’t like the track in these conditions, it’s not good for technical riding.”

Alex Belometti trailed in 14th place, a dissatisfying position for the Skittles Yamaha rider who suffered a bad start. “I don’t feel confident on this track, I got a bad start and was in something like 25th place. With so many riders to pass and the track very muddy on the outside I just could not get a good rhythm to pass enough riders.”

Team Yamaha UK rider Brian Jorgensen had a tough day with two crashes that damaged his YRRD YZ125. “I got a clean start, but soon experienced some ‘moments’. I crashed on the big downhill and bent the clutch lever. I came in to get it fixed and went out again. I tried to ride with the top riders to get good speed, that did not really work and as a result my finish position is not very good. I’m not happy with it for sure.”