De Reuver Fronts Up for Yamaha


Dutchman Mark De Reuver was the highest placed Yamaha rider in the World 125cc GP at Namur Belgium, finishing 4th. Having taken an early lead he was passed in lap seven by eventual race winner and current series leader Jamie Dobb. French rider Luigi Seguy came home in 5th place, another good performance for him after finishing on the podium in France last round. Seguy remains fourth in the championship standings while De Reuver moves into eighth place. Brian Jorgensen finished in seventh place, while Alessio Chiodi was back in eighth after a poor start.

De Reuver had not expected the conditions to favour his riding style: “I was so surprised that I was leading early, then when Dobb passed me I could keep with him. I am not a hard track rider so this result is as good as a podium for me. The crowd was going crazy at the end of the race as Ramon tried to pass me; once he got by I had to be happy with fourth place. The track is so very difficult, but as I say it was a great experience for me.”

After another solid performance Seguy commented: “My start was good, I was in about 5th place on the first lap. For many laps I could not move ahead, I got by Puzar, then he passed me back and I was back in 5th place, which is were I stayed for most of the race. I hope this results will see me selected in the French Motocross des Nations team, I think I have earned it.”

Frustrated by problems at the start, the ex-world champ Chiodi was realistic about his first visit to Namur: “I needed to learn the track and I think I did just that in qualification and practice. It’s very narrow and you really have to keep your head clear. I didn’t have anything in mind but to climb the podium. My start was not good and then I had to get new goggles because of all the mud. When I changed them they were not in a good position and I had trouble seeing. I am happy that I could keep going, but I had trouble passing riders, then when I got into 8th place I could see Jorgensen ahead of me, but he was too far ahead to pass; I ran out of time.”

“I feel strong, it’s not the best track for me,” said Alessandro Belometti. Summarising his feelings on a season in which he has yet to shine: “I am now as strong as I was at the start of the year, so for the race that gave me a lot of confidence. I have suffered with my confidence in the last few races and now finally I am getting everything worked out, I am looking at a podium place. I don’t know what to say, I am one of the quickest riders in this class, but my control was not good. I missed many lines and then nearly crashed half way through the race, on this track you don’t want to crash. My goggles were also full with mud near the end of the race and I had to throw them away, passing riders from that point on was impossible.”

Brian Jorgensen improved on his lack-lustre performance in France but found the track conditions hard going: “I didn’t get a great start, I was just pushing as hard as I could, it was so slippery in the race and tree stumps were in the braking lines, which makes it very un-regular, you don’t know what your bike will do. Still I enjoyed the race and I look forward to coming back to Namur.”