Seguy goes one better to win German 125 GP


After his superb second place finish at the Swiss round in Roggenburg last week, Luigi Seguy went one step better to score his first victory of the 2001season at the German MX125 GP. Three times World champ Alessio Chiodi is also beginning to show race winning form with his second podium of the year. “Chicco’s” Skittles Yamaha teammate Alessandro Belometti was also back with the front-runners with a commendable seventh place finish.

James Dobb secured his first 125 World title with a fourth place finish which gives him an 80 points buffer on second placed Belgian Steve Ramon with three races to go. Luigi Seguy is third in the standings, 19 points behind Ramon, so the opportunity is there for Luigi to exchange his current #4 plate for lower number in 2002.

L. Seguy – 1st / A. Chiodi – 3rd / P. Caps – 6th / A. Belometti – 7th / B. Jörgensen – 22nd

The French rider moved into the lead on lap 14 after a terrible start that left him fighting from 15th place at the first corner. But Seguy had blistering pace and made quick progress through the field to move into seventh place on lap two, before passing series leader Jamie Dobb for second place on lap nine. Having consolidated second, Seguy set out after race leader, Steve Ramon, and he took the lead with six laps remaining; in the process clocking the fastest lap time of the race, just as he did in Switzerland last week.

“In the last couple of Grand Prixs I have had good starts, yet today was different,” said Seguy. “I knew I was quick on this track, but I got a very bad start and had to fight to get to the front. The first two laps I just rode really hard as I knew how to find the good lines. I had a very good rear shock and front suspension set-up and Rinaldi have given me a very, very good YRRD engine. I knew I could win a GP as I have won GPs in the past. I did not want to do anything aggressive to Ramon to pass him, there was a very big jump and I jumped really far and just passed him on the next corner. I wanted so much to win and today was my GP.”

Chiodi’s strong start to the season was followed by mid-season blues, though recent improved results show the ex-world champ is returning to form: “I worked really hard the last two weeks, changed my training and worked with George Jobe. I like the track here. I worked very hard on tyre set-up on Saturday because it’s very important on this circuit. I found that the surface was very difficult at times. I have a good record here; I won a few years ago and still have a good feel for it. 
Last year I finished 4th when I was just back from my back injury, so I expected to do at least better than that. I had a good start in the race, my speed was not so good, but it was a lot better than the previous GPs. My confidence is building, but I was still too cautious in the early stage of the race as I didn’t want to make mistake and crash, which has happened too often lately.”

“I like the track, it’s fast like Italian tracks,” said Belometti after his solid seventh spot finish. “My condition is not perfect; I crashed really hard in Roggenburg last week and have not ridden the bike all week due to that shunt. I really wanted a podium because it’s been so long since I have been there. I had a top ten start and was feeling okay, but I could not fight with the top guys; finishing in 7th place was okay, but ideally I should have been in the top three on a track like this.”

It was another unimposing result for Brian Jörgensen: “My race was a mess. I was involved in a crash on the second corner and on the first lap I was in 25th place. I tried to keep a better rhythm than last week in Switzerland, but it just did not work out. I could not make up any places and finished in 22nd place.”