De Reuver leads Yamaha procession


Dutchman Mark De Reuver led no less then eleven points scoring Yamaha machines at Lierop, a typical sandy venue for the Grand Prix of Brabant, the second world championship 125 event raced on Dutch soil.

The official Yamaha riders were challenged by several young local racers, who were all equipped with YZ125’s, the machine that seems to be the preferred privateer bike in top level GP125 racing. Riders like De Reuver, Breugelmans, Strijbos and Briton Billy Mackenzie challenged and in some case beat many of the leading 125 contenders.

Eric Eggens made a strong return

M. de Reuver – 3rd / K. Strijbos – 6th / A. Chiodi – 7th / B. Jörgensen – 9th / A. Belometti – 11th / L. Seguy – 13th

De Reuver did not have an easy start of his race to the podium: “I was I think sixth out of the gates, passed a few riders and held on to fourth place, but then I cramped a little and my riding was not so good. After 20 minutes I was able to get close to Gundersen, and I thought maybe I could pass him for second place, however he managed to keep the gap.
“Despite getting my third podium of the year I feel I struggled a little today, I had hoped to maybe win here. I know that in the sand I am quite quick, it was mainly from my start that I could not catch Erik Eggens, he had a good getaway and I did not, that made all the difference.”

Dutch talent Kevin Strijbos scored his best GP result with sixth; “I had an okay start, the first few laps were hard and I crashed with MacKenzie, he just ran into me. Other then that it was a really good race, I came on strong near the end and nearly got fifth place, my condition was very good so I could continue to push. I even thought it was possible to get the podium today at some stage, but I guess I have to be patient, still sixth place is very good for me.”

Alessio Chiodi came home in seventh after recovering from a poor start. “I didn’t get a good jump from the gates, in the first lap I was in 14th place, then I tried to push hard, but the first part of the race I had arm pump, luckily I had some good and smooth lines and the arm pump disappeared. I caught many riders, passed MacKenzie and got into seventh place. The track was very rough, but I don’t mind that, in fact I liked riding here today.

Belometti had a tough time not liking sand and having to play catch up; “In the first lap I passed many riders, I was in around 18th place and had to really work hard to get by riders. I passed some more guys in the later stages, which gave me 11th place, so that was okay, I am not a sand track rider and I did not like the track layout so much, the landings of the jumps are really hard here.”

Luigi Seguy, winner of the last round, had a race quickly to forget: “I had a terrible start and could not make up any ground on the lead riders. In the first lap I was 27th, then passed some guys, by the middles stages of the race I was able to move into 18th place, yet I was still not feeling good. The start here is very important as it’s a quick track, if you miss out at the start you have lost the race”.