Italian disappointment in Castiglione del Lago


Skittles Yamaha Italian riders Alessio Chiodi and Alessandro Belometti did not shine at their home GP due to unfortunate crashes. Unexpectedly, it was Belgian Patrick Caps who finished as highest YZ125 mounted rider in sixth, close behind was Luigi Seguy. Caps rode a consistent race and tried to defend his top-five position after the start, initially he lost two positions to Traversini and Chiodi until the unfortunate Skittles Yamaha rider went down, handing Caps sixth spot.

Best Yamaha man in the series Luigi Seguy will have to fight hard at the last GP to reclaim his top- three spot in the championship standing. He lost the position to Kenneth Gundersen who took the victory at Castiglione.

P. Caps – 6th / L. Seguy – 7th / B. Jörgensen – 16th / A. Chiodi – 27th / L. Cherubini - 30th A. Belometti – DNQ

Luigi Seguy could not be happy with his top seven finish today: “All in all it was not a good day for me. I did not get a good position in the first corner, which left me tenth after the first lap. In the beginning of the race I had good hope to recover a fair amount of positions and passed Ravaglia after a couple of laps. The heavy mud proved to be rather difficult, it was very slippery, so passing was risky. I could not be too aggressive and could only pass riders when an obvious chance presented itself. Although I got up to seventh place it is not good for the championship.”

Alessio “Chicco” Chiodi was not happy with the track conditioning and the implications it had for him; “I did not have a good start and because the track was so wet from the officials watering it too much a good start was important. I struggled to find a rhythm and then lost my goggles. My vision was very bad, and when I came over the table-top jump I crashed, hitting my head pretty hard. I got up and tried to finish the race but two corners after the shunt I decided to stop. I am disappointed as this is my home race and I felt confident to do well here.”

Yamaha Motocross Team UK’s Brian Jörgensen did not get a good drop from the gate and was a long way back fighting with teammate Billy Mackenzie; “We came over a jump at the same time and Billy cut across the track, we collided and both fell. The track was so bad; I don’t know what they were thinking to water it so much. I got mud in my eye’s and had visions problems, it was really a difficult race.”

“Chicco’s” teammate Belometti did not even make it to the race: “I crashed in practise on Saturday, injuring my knee. I will visit a doctor tomorrow and hope he can do something to get me fit for the last race next week. I injured muscles and some ligaments. It is a shame as this is a typical Italian track so I expected to compete for a podium this weekend."