Seguy second, but not satisfied


Luigi Seguy claimed a brilliant second place finish in adverse conditions at the Austrian 125cc Grand Prix. Still the French rider was disappointed as he hoped that his podium result would grant him the lowest position of honour – third in the final standings. But due to good results of his close competitors he finally finished fifth in the series points, one step back from his last years result.

Both Yamaha Skittles riders Alessio Chiodi and Alessandro Belometti did not attend the Austria GP. Belometti due to the knee injury he sustained during qualifying at last weeks GP in Italy, since then the Italian has been operated on his cartilage / meniscus and hopes to be fit again for the Italian national championship. The injury could not have come at a worse time as Alessandro was selected to ride a YZ125 in the Motocross des Nations held next weekend. “Chicco” Chiodi absence was due to an internal team problem, which means that he will no longer compete for the team.

Erik Eggens secured the win and third place in the championship, beating Seguy by 10pts in the standings.

L. Seguy – 2nd / M. de Reuver – 6th / B. Jörgensen – 13th / L. Cherubini – DNQ / A. Belometti – Injured / A. Chiodi – DNS

Luigy Seguy was visibly displeased with his podium result; “For the first time am very unhappy with a podium. I am so disappointed, had I won I would have finished third in the championship. I liked the track, although the start was important with the rain. I was third in the first corner and passed for second in turn two, so the early going was great. I had trouble with my goggles and just could not pass Eggens, in the end I had to drop back as I got mud in my eyes. I felt so strong so I am sorry for my results.”

Young Dutchman Mark de Reuver has enjoyed a great year, capturing eight in the final standings: “The start was just amazing. I was able to move into ninth place in the first lap, and then made a move on Breugelmans for eight place. The Australian Brett Metcalfe was very strong, however I saw where Gundersen passed him and was able to make much the same pass for sixth place. The top five were too far ahead and I could just ride for sixth, which was okay, my aim was top ten on this track. It’s not like a sand track on which I am very quick.”

Brian Jörgensen result was much like the weather conditions, not great: I had another bad start, like in 20th place or something. I just never got into the good rhythm. In the end I dropped back to 17th place after a crash, then had a battle with my teammate Billy MacKenzie. Getting back to 13th at least gave me some points.”