Majority of Yamaha riders struggle in Spain


The Motocross 125 GP season did not start well for most Yamaha riders. Top performer was Frenchman Luigi Seguy who finished 6th overall. All other YZ125 riders went away from the Spanish round disappointed. Bad fortune struck on Brian Jorgensen and Luca Cherubini, both riders did not even make it to the start of the race. Team Yamaha Magic Bike rider Alessandro Puzar left without scoring any points, while Carl Nunn of Team Yamaha UK MX managed only a top 10 finish in the second moto. Nunn’s countryman James Dobb took the overall GP victory.

In qualifying things looked bright for Luigi Seguy who scored the second fastest time behind pole-sitter Thomas Traversini, Carl Nunn was also on the pace being fourth quickest. Due to crashes of two officially YRRD (Yamaha Rinaldi Research & Development) supported riders, Yamaha’s line-up for the race would however suffer badly. Brian Jorgensen went down and injured his neck and shoulder, forcing him to pull out. Same fate struck Luca Cherubini who broke his collarbone.

Heat 1 – L. Seguy - 6th / E. Eggens - 7th / C. Nunn - DNF / 
A. Puzar - DNF

With both Jorgensen and Cherubini out of contention, Yamaha was weakened already before the race had even begun. Unfortunately the other Yamaha riders would also hit misfortune. Carl Nunn had to retire with a broken wheel. Alessandro Puzar went down twice in the race, the first time he could still remount, but the second crash was quite a big one and he had to give up. 
Luigi Seguy who finished a respectable sixth was reasonably content. “If I would have had a better start I could have won here. Problem was that my bike wheelied too much out of the gates and I lost too much ground. My speed was very good, but this track has only one racing line and I could not overtake enough riders during the race.” 
Dutchman Eric Eggens rode an impressive first moto. “I was only in about 25th position after the first lap. I wanted to get passed slower riders quickly as they were holding me up. I had to tell myself not to get too excited and stay calm. Considering my bad start I am really happy with this result.”

Heat 2 – L. Seguy - 7th / C. Nunn –9th/ A. Puzar – DNF

The second moto for Yamaha was similar to the first one. Seguy again had his front wheel in the air at the start. “We are using some new parts here for the first time. We need to do some more home work and set up the bike differently. Still I go away with a lot of confidence. My speed is very good and I feel I can be very competitive in the next races.” 
Carl Nunn crossed the finish flag in ninth position, but was not too happy with his riding. “I was not very smooth today. I just tightened up, don’t know why that happened and I also could not do anything against it. It is not worrying me though, I just need to get into it”
Alessandro Puzar pulled in after two laps with ignition problems. “When the bike stalls it is pretty scary here. The track has very steep downhills, I felt not safe enough to continue”.

The first race of the season was one uncharacteristic for Yamaha in this class. Next week the French round of the Championship is on the calendar. Fastest Frenchman in Spain, Luigi Seguy, could well put the YZ125 back on top.