Carl Nunn delivers!


Carl Nunn has emerged as one of the championships new contenders, after winning both heats in the French Motocross 125 Grand Prix. Carl broke through in the ‘98 125 Championship, but saw his progress halted in ‘99 due to injuries. Now the Team Yamaha UK MX rider has made it to the winning league at the young age of twenty. His French clean sweep puts him 5th in the overall standings, only twelve point behind series leader Grant Langston.

Yamaha YRRD YZ125 fellow rider Alex Puzar bounced back from his “pointless” race at the first round by scoring a strong runner-up finish in the second heat, resulting in a third position finish overall. Luigi Seguy, the best Yamaha rider last week, had some more consistent results to show for, but failed to make a real impact at his home Grand Prix.

During qualifying Carl Nunn looked strong all weekend, finishing the sessions in second. Alex Puzar managed seventh. All other Yamaha men had some trouble to deal with. Brian Jorgensen suffered from his shoulder injury after his qualifying crash of last week, while Luca Cherubini did not start due to a broken collarbone. He is not expected to return for another six weeks.

Heat 1 - C. Nunn - 1st / L. Seguy - 6th / A. Puzar - 8th /
B. Jorgensen - 14th

Carl Nunn rode a trouble free race, he took the hole shot, and then managed to pull an 8 second gap to series leader Grand Langston. “Obviously I was very happy with my start. Thus far I have been messing up my starts, I know now its much easier racing if you get it right! It felt good to be in the lead, I always knew I had the speed, but now I have the confidence to go with it.” Last week Carl was struggling with his race concentration and he has been working to improve on it with ex 500 World Champion Graham Noyce. “Last week in Spain I felt a bit lost after 20 minutes, today I really fought against that, I think I got rid of this mental problem now.”

The 8th place finish of Puzar was much more impressive than it looks. “At the second turn I crashed into somebody and found myself dead last. To be honest I am pretty happy with my finish.” Luigi Seguy is still sorting out his machine. ”I felt strong in the race and raced with James (Dobb) and Thomas (Traversini), but lost against both of them. I tried some new parts and the front fork felt a bit strange. The bike is really fast though, we need a bit more testing time.”

Heat 2 - C. Nunn- 1st / A. Puzar - 2nd/ L. Seguy – 8th

Nunn again was leading after lap one, but did not get the hole shot this time. Riding on a confidence high he was however eager to put his opponents into place by making some quick passes. “I was really happy the way it went, none of my passing manoeuvres felt dangerous, just easy.” Carl again pulled a 10 second gap to control the race. Now that he has proven to himself he can win, he feels super confident. “I can do this again, I just have to ride to my potential”.
Alessandro Puzar had tried early on to catch Nunn, but had too much trouble passing Langston for second and lost too much ground on his fellow YZ125 rider and decided to settle for second.

Steve Dixon, the Team Yamaha UK MX Team Manager, was relieved to have scored the maximum after the unfortunate start of the season last week. “We have proven our YZ125 is as good as anything out there. We have worked so hard for this, for Carl and the Team this is a great moment. Many teams have tried to engage Carl last year, but he knew our team was good for him, today we have paid him back for the confidence he showed us.”

The 125 teams now move to Holland, were the traditional Dutch heavy sand track of Valkenswaard will test the engine performance of the bikes as well as the endurance of the riders.