Deep Dutch sand brings little luck


After the fantastic double win of Carl Nunn last week in France, the Dutch GP brought little to cheer about for the YZ125 riders. Nunn again was the main Yamaha man with one 4th place finish in the first heat. That was the best and only significant score for Yamaha. Carl Nunn crossed the line in 17th position in the second moto, while Luigi Seguy took three points home finishing 13th. The three other YRRD supported riders did not start or failed to finish. Championship leader Grand Langston further extended his lead in the Championship by winning both heats.

Carl Nunn felt good through practice, still being on a high from his wins a week earlier. He qualified a strong 4th. Alessandro Puzar managed 9th, giving him a good start gate position. The team mate of Carl Nunn, Brian Jorgensen never felt fit. “I crashed twice in practice and hurt my already injured shoulder again. I have decided not to enter the race. First I will have medical attention to get it fixed”. Team Magic Bike rider Luca Cherubini is still out with his broken collarbone.

Heat 1 - C. Nunn - 4th / L. Seguy - DNF / A. Puzar - DNF

The race of Carl Nunn was better then his finish result shows. At the start Carl’s YZ125 stalled which meant that he arrived dead last at the first corner with a gap of 200 meters from the pack. His recovery race was incredible and prove of a very bright perspective for his still young career. “I am really happy with how I rode. My start was appalling, but I just put my head down and went for it. Passing was easy as I like to use alternative lines and that helped a lot to get through the field.”
Puzar ran out of juice when his fuel tap was damaged after a crash. “I went down when I was 9th, remounted and was far behind. Still I tried to recover, but ran out of fuel.”
Luigi Seguy was struggling with the Dutch sand somewhere in mid-field and retired after completing 9 laps.

Heat 2 - L. Seguy - 13th / C. Nunn- 17th / A. Puzar - DNF

The second heat was one to forget quickly as most Yamaha riders crashed into each other including Nunn, Puzar and Seguy. Nunn said.” I bumped into another rider, fell and four riders rode over me. I expected a bad injury, but surprisingly all was OK. I decided to continue, I knew I wasn’t going to make much of a finish, it was more to practice for the next GP. Puzar was disappointed as he likes Valkenswaard. “In the crash with Nunn I broke my clutch lever so I had to pull in. Really a shame, as I like this track and could have done well with a bit of luck”.
Luigi Seguy was the one of the few Yamaha riders scoring any point, coming home 13th. “ Due to the start crash I was nearly last, to make things worse I crashed two more times! Considering this my finish in the points isn’t too bad.”

The next race will take place in Brazil, luckily for Yamaha in three weeks time. This will buy the injured Yamaha riders some time to regain race fitness.