Luckless Seguy fast but not first


Luigi Seguy proved to be a man to be reckoned with at the eleventh round of the 125 world championship. He was the fastest qualifier in his group and it looked like the first heat was his, but in the end ‘Siggi’ was caught by surprise in the last lap by overall GP winner Grant Langston. Although still four riders scored points in the first heat, the Yamaha effort in the race was weakened with Carl Nunn, still absent due to injury, and recovered Luca Cherubini who failed to qualify.

Heat 1 - L. Seguy - 2nd / S.Breugelmans- 11th / B. Jorgensen - 12th/ M. Lalloz - 14th/ C. Nunn- DNS / A. Puzar - DNF

Despite finishing second, Luigi Seguy was not a happy man. ”I should have won this race. I pulled in on Mike Brown and passed him mid-race to take the lead. I rode very comfortably and thought I had the race under control, not even riding to the max. One lap before the flag I was taken by complete surprise when Grant Langston came flying past, I never saw him come. I tried to counter and regain the lead on the last lap. I got beside him, but he had the better line for the next turn and I had to give in”.
Brian Jorgensen was back in the points, riding in agony due to an injured and badly swollen knee, sustained in a heavy crash in qualifying. “I was able to put the pain out of my mind. I made some great passes.” Brian had an unfortunate start. “I got out of the gate well with very good acceleration. But I have never raced here though, and it is a very strange first corner. I shut down the throttle to early and many rider came past.”
Alessandro Puzar had an awefull start and was far back in the field. He then decided to wait for the leading riders completing their first lap to join them. “There was no way I could have scored a proper result, so it was better to just ride with the race leader and examine their lines in order to be able to compete with them in the second heat.”

Heat 2 - A. Puzar - 4th / L. Seguy - 9th / B. Jorgensen - 19th /
C. Nunn - DNS

Seguy considered himself a lucky man escaping potential injury after crashing twice in the second moto. “I was knocked down in the first corner, but even though loosing time, I could have still won the race I felt. That was until the big downhill jump at the highest point of the track. Somebody jumped completely wild and T-boned me in mid-air. I am lucky to be standing here.” From dead last the fast Frenchman fought back to a very credible ninth place finish.
Puzar had a much better race when he got off the line well this time .”My start was superb, but I just missed the confidence to really ride on the edge and go for the win.” Jorgensen was another rider that got stuck in the first corner pile up. He tried hard to get in the points, but finally had to relent and accept a nineteenth place finish.