Yamaha local riders defend the honours.


The local Dutch sand specialists kept Yamaha up high in the charts this weekend in Berghem, while the official riders could not play a major role. Brian Jorgensen of Team Yamaha UK MX was the only factory-supported rider to finish both heats in the top ten. Luigi Seguy confirmed his aversion for sand with scoring only one point. The other Yamaha hopefuls, Carl Nunn and Alessandro Puzar were not present. The prolonged injury, sustained in the Italian GP (round 9), will probably prevent Nunn competing in the last three rounds of the championship as well and Puzar has announced his retirement from active racing last week at the age of 31 years old.

Heat 1: J. v. Hastenberg – 4th/ B. Jorgensen – 7th/ E. Eggens – 9th / L. Seguy – 15th

Having the sand as a discriminating factor that gives a strong home advantage to the local riders, all Dutch participants hoped to be able to compete with the world’s best 125 riders. It was Jan van Hastenberg who came close to finish on the podium as first ‘home boy’. “I felt really confident going into the moto. I knew I had a good change to finish high up and when I was fourth I tried to challenge Dobb to step on the podium. He was too quick for me and I didn’t want to risk my position so I consolidated”.

Still on a high from his victory last weekend, Brian Jorgensen had a good start despite an average gate position due to his 13th position group qualifying time. He said. “My condition is back to maximum again and I was able to race with the top three in the early stages, I even tried to follow Langston, but he and the locals are just too good in the ‘thick’ sand. I decided to just ride at my own pace which resulted in seventh.”

A ninth place finish was not what Eric Eggens had hoped for. “I at least expected to be on the podium today. Unfortunately I crashed into Mike Brown and was about 30th and too far behind to expect a top finish. Nevertheless I rode as hard as I could and although top ten is not what I wanted, it is still pretty good under the conditions”.

Heat 2 : E. Eggens - 4th/ B. Jorgensen - 7 th/ S. Breugelmans - 15th/ L. Seguy - 33th

Eggens had his shot for glory in the second moto. “I got a much better start and worked my way into the top five. It was such hard work to do any better than that. The track was so rough and I paced myself as I know the moto’s seem very long on this track. I cannot be totally satisfied, but fourth is pretty good though.”

Jorgensen gated about fifteenth. He lost a few places in the first laps, but soon regained his rhythm. “I had a real battle with Traversini and Ramon, it was very hard work to get passed them. I was surprised I had so much energy left, so I just kept going. Many others were slowing so I gained some more positions. Still I am not a sand rider, it is such a struggle!” Jan van Hastenberg managed the hole shot and looked to at least repeat his top performance of the first moto. He was unlucky enough to loose his seat which cost him a change of a podium.

Yamaha top rider Luigi Segui had an off-weekend and failed to impress. “I lost too many points today, although I am still fourth in the standings. I got terrible starts today, in the second moto I was almost last in the first corner. I’m happy to leave, I really don’t like sand!”