Yamaha find quality Finnish


The penultimate round of 2000 MX 125cc World Championship was played out in untypical hot Heinola Komostenkyla, southern Finland today with Yamaha riders figured prominently in the podium fight. Brian Jorgensen’s excellent late season form continued as two superb rides to third place yielded second overall for the Great Dane, while Italian charger Luigi Seguy secured a 6-5 finish and fifth overall. Grant Langston (KTM) took the overall win with a double victory that gives the South African this year’s 125cc World Championship crown.

Heat 1: B. Jorgensen – 3rd / L. Seguy – 6th / M. Lalloz – 8th / 
K. Strijbos – 15th 

Brian Jorgensen grabbed his first holeshot of the year following a solid qualifying performance and headed the field for the opening laps. He would eventually succumb to the twin KTM challenge of Langston and James Dobb, but was very pleased with his ride saying. “ I am really happy. I got my first hole-shot of the year and felt I could stay with the leaders no problem today. The team have done a lot of set-up work in the last week and it has made a big difference, so thanks to them.”

Next home for Yamaha was Luigi Seguy in sixth spot, who prior to the race announced he had resigned with the Hamamatsu-based marque for the 2001 season. ”I had an ok start but crashed and lost my rhythm.” said Seguy. ”The fall cost me a lot of time and I couldn’t fight with the leaders, so to come back to sixth was as good as I could expect. However this bike really feels good around here and I want better next time out.”

Matthieu Lalloz was the third Yamaha home in eighth, while young Belgian starlet Kevin Strijbos scored his first world championship point at the tender age of 16 years old.

Heat 2 : B. Jorgensen – 3rd / E. Eggins – 4th / L. Seguy – 5th / 
S. Breugelmans - 7th / C. Nunn – 12th / T. Aaltonen – 14th 

Mr. Consistent Brian Jorgensen headed a gang of Yamahas to the chequered flag with another third place finish. It was an impressive display by the Dane who felt he had ridden his best race of the year. “ I feel back on the pace I should have been on all year now and had it not been for me injury perhaps I would have.” said Jorgensen. “I rode my season best race today and I am very positive about the last race of the year and indeed, next season.”

After a disappointing first moto Erik Eggens bounced back brilliantly to finish fourth. “I should have done much better in the first race, but knew I could ride this circuit. Fourth is my best finish of the year and I had a really good, steady ride. It was well worth coming all this way!’ said the content Dutchman.

Luigi Seguy was also a model of consistency with a fifth place second moto finish. “ I am not a sand specialist and that showed at times.” he said honestly. “On a hard track I can do some things, but today I just concentrated on smooth riding and am happy with my result. Overall we have made big improvements throughout the year and that is very positive for next year.”

Sven Breugelmans (7th), Carl Nunn (12th) and Timo Aaltonen (14th) rounded out a good second race for Yamaha.