Last GP signals return of Carl Nunn


The closing 125 Grand Prix held at the rain soaked Gaildorf track signalled the return to winning form of Briton Carl Nunn of the Yamaha UK MX Team. The 2000 French 125 champion Luigi Seguy could not capitalise on his pole time in his qualifying group come race day and finished both heats in the top ten. Nunn’s team mate Brian Jorgensen only scored points in the first moto, having difficulties coming to terms with the muddy conditions.

Heat 1: C. Nunn – 3rd / L. Seguy – 8th / B. Jorgensen – 9th

Seguy’s pole time proved his liking for the Gaildorf track and it looked at the start that his favourable gate position would give him a good change for victory. Indeed Luigi took the hole shot, to loose the lead already in the second corner. Seguy stated. “Langston made an impossible move on me in these slippery conditions. I am not at all impressed by his riding, he knocked me off the bike. Not wanting to give up, a top five finish looked to be in the bag until another crash due to a loss of vision caused by the heavy mud ruined the changes for a proper finish result.

Carl Nunn fared better and was happy to be back on the podium. “I had the speed to stay with the leaders, but passing them was treacherous. I got past Parker once for second, but he slipped straight back past. Then I had to throw away my goggles, so I decided to defend third to at least be on the podium again.

Nunn’s team mate Brian Jorgensen had a cautious ride in the middle of the field after a bad start ruined any hopes for a podium.

Heat 2 : C. Nunn – 6th / L. Seguy – 10th / B. Jorgensen – 23rd

Carl Nunn was again the best Yamaha rider in the second moto. “I did not catch a very good start, which meant that my changes for victory were minute already. Because the rain had stopped the race line dried up and there was only one way to be quick. If you wanted to go off line to make a pass you lost all speed and risked crashing, so there was not much I could do.”

Luigi Seguy looked again very strong at the start and could have ended the season on top, but again the second corner prevented success. “I overshot the second corner and lost the lead. I tried to hard to recover and had another crash at the back of the track. Still I am happy after this last race. I had a good season and finished fourth in the standing, the best result of my career so far.”