News Report 15 July 2007

2007 GP of Faenza, Italy

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07 / 15 / 2007
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Cairoli runner-up at second home Grand Prix


De Carli Yamaha’s Antonio Cairoli had to settle for runner-up position in his second home Grand Prix of the season but still managed to put on a good show for his army of fans at the Monte Coralli circuit for the tenth round of fifteen in the MX2 World Championship.
Unlike Mantova earlier in the year the series leader was unable to stamp his authority with dominance on a circuit that was quick and relatively simple compared to some of the more technical venues on the GP schedule. The conditions were also testing by the sheer intensity of the heat making Faenza the hottest event so far in 2007.
Cairoli took the opportunity to ease himself into the first moto and let title rival Christophe Pourcel head the pack in the formative stages. Much to the delight of the crowd Cairoli started to cut the difference to the Frenchman at the midway point and took the lead without problems to register his seventh moto success from the last five meetings.
The 21 year old was handicapped by an average start in the second race and had to find a way past rookie Gautier Paulin and Tyla Rattray to reach second place. The Sicilian then set about trying to catch Pourcel who had taken the holeshot and set a pace at the front as hot as the weather. Although he could chip away at the eight second margin Cairoli was unable to reproduce the great pursuits enacted in Portugal and France and accepted second place for the GP; tied on points with Pourcel but taking the second step of the rostrum due to the second moto ranking. Pourcel made a small piece of history by joining his brother Sebastien (winning MX1) as GP winners on the same day. Tyla Rattray completed the MX2 top three.

Ricci Racing’s Nicolas Aubin was twelfth overall and should have been higher after having an exciting race with Rattray in the first moto, going on to take fourth; one of his best moto classification of the season. The nineteen year old Frenchman had a problem with his goggles in the second sprint and misjudged a downhill approach with limited vision and crashed, ending his afternoon. He travels to the penultimate round of the French championship next week hoping to soon wrap up the series he currently leads.
Team-mates Davide Guarneri and Kenneth Gundersen had ‘up and down’ experiences. Guarneri, fell on lap one of Moto1 and then later – despite a decent recovery into the points - could not avoid a fallen rider and went off the track. He had to restart and was far behind the field so retired to conserve some energy for Moto2. A decent start saw him circulating in fourth place but he held sixth by the chequered flag and took fourteenth overall. Gundersen qualified well and looked sprightly but had some problems with his rear brake that restricted his speed; he took eighteenth at the end of the day.

Cairoli leads Pourcel by 102 points in the world championship and like fellow Yamaha compatriot Josh Coppins can begin counting down the ten motos, five GPs and 250 points left to play for. Aubin holds seventh and is eighteen points in front of Gundersen in eighth.
The Grand Prix of Czech Republic at the Loket circuit represents round eleven on July 29th.
Antonio Cairoli, De Carli Yamaha:
“I am satisfied with this result because the home race is always quite difficult with so many people coming to watch and see me. I’m happy with the races because the championship still looks good; it was just a day when Christophe was too fast to catch. I took a lot of risks to get close to him but after a while I settled for second. The track was hard because it was not that technical and it was very fast. I lost a lot of time passing other riders to get to second place and by then he was too far and our speed was more or less the same. I enjoyed the first moto though and I knew I could wait and then increase the pace later in the race.”
Nicolas Aubin, Yamaha Team Ricci:
”I am disappointed because I felt that I had a chance at the podium this weekend. I had a good start in the first moto and was right behind Rattray but lost my rhythm and could not get past him. I’m pleased with the start though because that has been a weak point, and I showed that in the second moto because I missed the gate drop! I was working to recover positions when I had a problem with my goggles. I took them off but had a load of earth come into my eyes and I missed my line going down to the lowest part of the track. I could not continue after the crash.”

Kenneth Gundersen,: Yamaha Team Ricci:
“It was like Sweden with the rear brake playing up in both motos today so we need to work on that for the next race. The first fifteen minutes it is OK but then it starts and it is so difficult to ride. I finished and got some points but I am disappointed because the weekend started well and ended badly.”

Davide Guarneri,: Yamaha Team Ricci
“I had a good reaction at the start but I crashed on the first lap of the first moto. I went back to sixteenth and from there I tried to fight and got up to tenth but Paulin crashed in front of me and to avoid him I had to go off the track. I did not go down but I lost a lot of time and decided to retire. In the second moto I started in the top five and had fourth position for a long time. I just ran out of strength at the end. My body could not cope with the temperatures. Despite this, the second race was quite go