News Report 29 March 2009

2009 GP of Italy

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03 / 29 / 2009
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Guarneri 4th at tough home Grand Prix


Yamaha Monster Energy Ricci Motocross Team’s Davide Guarneri scored 4th position in the single moto that was run at Faenza and the Italian Grand Prix for the first event of fifteen in the 2009 FIM MX2-GP World Championship. Incessant rainfall from the early hours of Sunday morning meant that the fast and short track near Imola became a difficult bog, and rewarded determination and good fortune rather than rider skill.

With riders regularly pitting for clean goggles and gloves and many more hitting the swampy ground at some stage, Guarneri showed the same application and strong will that won him the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix in similar conditions. He did not start well on his YZ250F but keep upright as much as possible and was rewarded with a decent haul of points.

Team-mate Nico Aubin (who had a heavy crash during the dry qualification heat) was running as high as third through Sunday’s mud but was one of the many to be caught out by the steep slippery hills. The Frenchman would cross the line a lap down in 7th. Loic Larrieu could not have asked for a more interesting debut and the third member of the new Monster Energy-backed team finished outside of the points in 28th.
Second best Yamaha performer was Yamaha Red Bull De Carli’s Alessandro Lupino who took a career-best 6th place. Italian Champion Manuel Monni failed to finish while his team-mate Deny Philippaerts was 15th.

Utag’s Zach Osborne was another who could not come through the slush unscathed and was disappointed to sit 25th on the results sheet.

Round two will happen in the confines of the Sevlievo circuit for the Bulgarian Grand Prix next weekend.

Davide Guarneri, Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross Team, 4th:

“The track was fast but perfect on Saturday and then just changed so much for today. The big uphill was really difficult. I had a bad start but this was a bit lucky because there was a big crash in mid-pack and I managed to get around it and take a good line. I fell off once, but it was slow and in the corner so I could pick the bike up and carry on. I finished fourth and this was not about the speed but more because I was able to survive.”
Nico Aubin, Yamaha Monster Energy Ricci Motocross Team, 7th:

“The first race was so difficult. It was terrible with the mud and so hard to arrive to the top of the hills. Every lap was a risk. I started around seventh and came back to second and didn’t make any mistakes for quite a few laps but then was caught out on the uphill and went down. I restarted and took some good points. I am pleased about this because I had a hard crash yesterday and wasn’t sure if I would be able to race like I wanted today.”

Zach Osborne, Utag, 25th:

“I have ridden a lot of mud because I am from the East Coast and we have our fair share of thunder storms but nothing like that, where I felt like an absolute beginner. Every lap you just think about getting up the first hill and then the second and if you make it then you are thinking of the first one again. It is unfortunate that I did badly but looking ahead I am only 25 points behind instead of 50 and today could have been a lot worse. You work the whole winter to make a point or a statement about what you have done and then to get a mud race like this is like playing Russian roulette; you can be a hero or a zero and today I was a zero.”