News Report 30 August 2009

2009 GP of Netherlands

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1875 m
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08 / 30 / 2009
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Monni 10th in Lierop


The fourteenth round of fifteen in the MX2-GP World Championship took place in the rough and shifting sand of Lierop for the Grand Prix of the Netherlands and Yamaha 3C Racing’s Manuel Monni was the highest placed rider with the YZ250F; finishing 10th overall. Monster Energy Ricci Motocross Team duo Nico Aubin and David Guarneri were unable to complete a full scorecard.

Lierop saw the paddock reconvene after an August hiatus of three weeks and also bring the series towards a conclusion. 18,000 spectators relied on bright Dutch skies to enjoy the last European event of the motocross calendar.
Before the MX2-GP motos got underway on Sunday Yamaha had cause for delight as Italian teenager Chiara Fontanesi won her first ever Women’s World Championship moto with a narrow victory Saturday afternoon. Riding her 3C Racing Yamaha YZ125 Fontanesi defeated new world champion and factory rider Stephanie Laier. She then secured second position on Sunday morning to confirm her first podium visit.

Team-mate Manuel Monni was 10th with results of two 12th positions. The Italian champion battled through from mid-pack. Starting from 8th in the gate for the MX2-GP sprints Aubin suffered two falls in the opening laps of Moto1 and could not restart in sufficient time. The Frenchman had better luck in the second race as he filled 10th spot. Guarneri took the best result of the day for the Yamaha crew with 7th in the first race but ‘hit the wall’ physically in the second moto and dropped down the ranking to 21st. Loic Larrieu crashed in the second foray but a decent 9th place was resgistered in Moto1.

Utag’s Zach Osborne, the only winner with the YZ250F in 2009, took two points for 19th in Moto1 but his second outing was ended prematurely with a mechanical problem.

In the series standings Guarneri is 4th and has a slim chance of making the top three. Monni is 8th and can still breach the top seven. Aubin is 9th.

Canelinha will host the Grand Prix of Brazil and the last 2009 meeting for the motocross world championship fraternity in two weeks time.
Nico Aubin, Yamaha Monster Energy Ricci MX Team:

“I hit the rear wheel of Roelants in the second corner of the first moto and had to restart in last position. I got going again but was last and then had another crash soon after and could not restart. After being lapped three times it was clear the race was over. In the second moto I started well but could not avoid mistakes in the first few laps. I could not ride with the best rhythm; it was a hard GP for me.”

Zach Osborne, Utag

“I got off to a decent start in the first race but someone went down in front of me in the second turn and I went back to about 20th. I fought back up by five or six positions but then I had a crash and it took me a while to get going. I ended up 19th which was not a good result but the speed and rhythm was starting to come back to me. In the second race I put in a good start and worked hard up to 13th but then we had a problem with the bike. It was disappointing but overall I am getting back on track; we have been in a tough rut recently.”

Chiara Fontanesi, Yamaha 3C Racing:

“When I was training in the last couple of weeks on the sand I saw that my speed was OK and thought I might be able to make a good result at Lierop, but when I saw the times in practice on Saturday I thought that reaching the podium would be really difficult. When I was leading the moto yesterday I felt really comfortable and this gave me confidence. This is only my first year in the championship so I hope for more results like this in the future.”