News Report 1 April 2013

2013 GP of Netherlands

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04 / 01 / 2013
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Pocock turns in a gutsy 7th at Valkenswaard


2012 European Champion Mel Pocock defied a dramatic qualification heat on Sunday at the Grand Prix of the Netherlands to bravely race to 7th position overall at a cold and busy Valkenswaard circuit, packed with 27,000 spectators. The Monster Energy Yamaha man was struck from his machine through the tricky opening corners and also ran into another racer during the twenty-minute outing but buried his discomfort on Easter Monday to roar away from the start line on his YZ250F and record finishes of 10th and 9th in the motos.

Bloodied hands due to blisters showed the extent that the twenty year old drilled around the hard and lumpy sandy track south of Eindhoven. The course could have been rougher and more technical but the frozen base of the Eurocircuit did not give way compared to past editions of the Grand Prix.
Pocock’s efforts partially countered the unfortunate news that Dean Ferris felt insecure in his capabilities on the sand after practice and qualification. The Australian had less than two weeks to recover from a broken collarbone and wasn’t prepared to take further risk in Holland. Maxime Desprey turned heads on Sunday with a fast qualification performance to seal tenth. The Frenchman wasn’t able to enter the front section of the field due to his starts but steadily accrued points with a 16th in the second moto. Christophe Charlier registered 15th position in the first moto after a mediocre getaway and two crashes and then suffered a technical problem on the sighting lap of the second race that prematurely ended his participation at Valkenswaard.

The Grand Prix of Italy will take place at Arco di Trento, close to Lake Garda, in two weeks time.

Mel Pocock

“I’m happy. I struggled my arse-off yesterday and got really beaten up. I went down at the start of the qualification heat and someone hit my leg and another person whacked my knee! I passed about twenty guys and was really steaming through when I came around and someone had crashed ahead of me. As I came by they lifted up their bike and I hooked the handlebar, quashing my left bicep muscle and that really hurt! I settled down after that and took the place I was in. Today I had two really good starts and fought all the way through the race. I rode so much better than yesterday. I’ll keep plodding away because I haven’t had the best of starts to the season. I am fit, I just need things to go my way.”

Maxime Desprey

“This track was very strange to ride but my feeling with it got better through the weekend. In qualifying I finished tenth and this was pretty good. I must continue to work through the longer motos and get better. My feeling with the bike is improving and I’m happy with the direction the season is going.”

Christophe Charlier

“Not much luck today, in fact the day didn’t start well at all with two crashes in the first race. I fought for what I could and then wasn’t able to do better in the second moto because I could feel that the bike had a problem on the sighting lap. Anyway, we will forget about this weekend and it doesn’t change my motivation. We go to Italy next and this will almost be like a home GP for me.”

Dean Ferris

“I did think I could go a bit faster but reality struck in the first session and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get points. The track was a lot faster and I’m a lot weaker on the bike that I thought I was going to be. I had to swallow my pride and will just get strong for the next round.”