News Report 19 May 2013

2013 GP of Brazil

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Beto Carrero
att 45
05 / 19 / 2013
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Monster Energy Yamahas invade the leaderboard in Brazil


Monster Energy Yamaha riders on YZ250F machinery captured three positions in the top seven of the Grand Prix of Brazil at the immaculate Beto Carrero circuit for what was the seventh stop of seventeen on the FIM Motocross World Championship schedule. 45,000 spectators created a boisterous and exciting atmosphere for the final overseas event of the calendar.

Beto Carrero – hosting the Brazilian round of the series for the second year in a row – was again an impressive combination of organisation and presentation and several riders were moved to comment once more that the facility is the closest motocross will come to a vibrant supercross set-up. The packed grandstands created an arena effect and enclosed the tight course that had many jumps, obstacles and off-cambers.
In fifth position overall was Dean Ferris, who led Christophe Charlier (sixth) and Mel Pocock (seventh) in the MX2 classification in South America. The Australian rode to seventh place in the first moto of 35 minutes and 2 laps duration and just lacked a bit of spark to push on with the leaders in the opening phases of the race. Using the full force of his YZ250F against twenty of the best MX1 riders in the Superfinal, Ferris blasted into second position among the MX2 group. A small crash would cost him time and drop him back to fifth in the class but the double podiumee in 2013 was still able to snare decent points.

Charlier, who scored his first career Grand Prix podium finish at Beto Carrero in 2012, rode a comfortable qualification heat on Saturday to take second place. A promising launch in the first moto was ruined by a first lap fall that meant the talented Corsican had to work through the pack to reach twelfth. In the Superfinal he was the fourth best MX2 rider after circulating alone for long stretches and unable to catch Jordi Tixier.
Pocock thrived on the buzz around Beto Carrero for what was his first Grand Prix in Brazil. The Brit posted the second fastest time in pre-qualification and relished hitting the narrow berms and ruts of the layout. A fine fifth position in the first moto represented a career-best for the reigning European Champion but a blameless crash in the Superfinal meant that he could only reach eleventh in his class. The third member of the Dixon-led faction of Monster Energy Yamaha, Maxime Desprey, equalled his highest GP classification yet with eleventh spot thanks to a decent start and effective pace in moto1. The French youngster was thirteenth in the MX2 division during the Superfinal and therefore ended the day with thirteenth overall.

Charlier (fifth), Ferris (sixth) and Pocock (tenth) are all slotted in the top ten of the MX2 championship standings with Desprey slightly adrift in fifteenth. The Grand Prix of France at Enree will be the next fixture for Monster Energy Yamaha and will take place on June 9th.

Dean Ferris

“All day I struggled a bit with my intensity. In the first moto I just seemed to be riding around at the start but eventually warmed up and got going. My lap-times were good and I made ground but it was a case of too-little-too-late. Moto2…man, it was chaos. I was second in the class but then some 450s starting coming through, cutting me up and roosting everywhere. They’d overtake but then hold me up and ruin my momentum. Once I was in a group of 250s I started finding the speed again but then crashed. There is not much else to say. Now I’ll go home and train hard and try to find that little bit that’s missing. I need to close down the points in the championship. I need to make it happen.”

Christophe Charlier

“The track was different today! I made a good start but crashed after a jump on the first lap and one rider following landed on top of the bike. I managed to restart but was far behind and tried as hard as I could to come back and reached twelfth. It was good to save a few points. My start was pretty bad in the second moto but I kept going to be the fourth MX2 rider. I keep chasing the podium all the time and now I have ten more rounds to make it happen as much as possible. I want to reach the top three of the championship, this is my goal for the year.”

Mel Pocock

“This is the best GP I have been to in my life. There is so much atmosphere here and I cannot wait to come back next year. The track was awesome and the preparation also. I got a mint start in the first race and pushed forward in the final stages to make sure of my personal best. In the next moto I had a great start and was the second MX2 rider in the first corner but then Van Horebeek went down and took me with him; I was so pissed off. I came back from last to eleventh in MX2 but it was a shame. I got held up by the 450s. Not really with the MX2 guys because I could pass them quite easily but the 450s were faster in different places. It was hard work but this is by far the best GP I’ve been to.”

Maxime Desprey

“The first moto was great. My start was pretty average but I had a good rhythm and settled into a decent pace to finish eleventh, so I was happy with that. The best thing was that I could recover from a bit of a dip because I had a few laps with some mistakes in the middle part of the moto. The Superfinal was really difficult with the 450s but today was OK.”