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Monster Energy Kemea Yamaha MX2 Looks to Next Round after Luckless German Grand Prix

Monster Energy Kemea Yamaha MX2 Looks to Next Round after Luckless German Grand Prix

The Monster Energy Kemea Yamaha MX2 team have endured a tough Grand Prix in Teutschenthal, Germany, where the tenth round of the MX2 series took place. It started with Ben Watson sustaining a broken hand in practice yesterday and ended with Jago Geerts unable to finish the final race due to an unusual technical issue. Fortunately, Geerts' finished ninth after a fall in Race 1, which helped him to retain third in the MX2 Championship Standings.

The 'Talkessel Circuit' was brutal this weekend. It had a multitude of clay ruts, some were deep, some were long, some were rough, and some were a mixture of all three elements. Every ounce of rider technique was tested. After setting the fastest lap in the first practice session, Geerts' confidence took a knock in the 'Timed Practice' after he suffered an enormous crash in front of pit-lane. The young Belgian was fortunate to come away unscathed and perhaps too aware of his luck. As a result, '193' struggled to run the speed he is capable of in the Qualifying Race and only managed to finish tenth.

The hard-pack clay tested throttle control, the ruts and bumps tested line-selection and riders that had one without the other, suffered. In such conditions small mistakes are easy to make and the price that is paid is steep. Ben Watson was one of the first victims after he got off-balance on a rutted turn in the first practice session. The 22-year-old was thrown off course, and then over the handlebars of his YZ250F. The crash resulted in a double fracture to his left hand, which was surgically repaired earlier this morning. 

Despite having tenth pick at the gate, Geerts got off to two great starts on his YZ250F in the main events. In the opening race he made up the top-five and quickly moved into fourth before falling back to 15thafter he lost the front-wheel in a wet patch on Lap-2. A quick remount saw the youngster do his best to push forward, but the extreme conditions of the circuit made passing difficult and he had to be content with a ninth-place finish. 

In the final race, the Belgian star wasted little time storming to third position, but unfortunately his hard charge was brought to an abrupt end by an unusual technical issue. 

A nul score in the final race dropped Geerts down to 15th in the Grand Prix classification. Fortunately, he has retained third-position in the MX2 Championship Standings. 

The next round of the MX2 World Championship will take place on the weekend of July 7thin Palembang, Indonesia.  An update on Watson's return to racing will be published when available. 

Jago Geerts

I am disappointed with how the weekend ended because in the second race I could have finished second. I had the speed but had an issue with the bike and in the end I couldn’t finsh. Honestly, I didn’t feel good on the track all weekend, but I did feel better today than yesterday. The issues we had are unfortunate, but they are part of the sport. Now we just have to look to Indonesia and come back there.

jago geerts