Yamaha has tough time in Dutch sand


None of the official Yamaha riders were able to race for the honours and it was Brit Paul Cooper who was Yamaha’s top scorer, just off the podium in fourth. The Valkenswaard track is not a favoured circuit for most of the top Yamaha 250 riders. All struggled to come to terms with the ever changing track conditions. Surprisingly it was not a local hero that was victorious, but Frenchman Mikael Pichon.

P. Cooper - 4th / P. Beirer – 8th / M. Kovalainen – 9th /
Y. Demaria – 10th / C.Federici - 11th / J. Aubert - 14th 

Already in qualifying Pit Beirer predicted he would not be able to race with the eventual race winner Pichon come race day. ‘I am still struggling with the bike set-up and the track doesn’t help, it is so rough out there. It will be difficult to find race winning speed.’ 
On the Sunday Pit’s predictions proved right. He stated; ‘It was not a good race. I was slow off the gate and could not get passed the slower riders, worse even, at the end riders started passing me again! I’m disappointed, but to be frank I did not expect a much better result than eight anyway’.

Skittles Yamaha Team Radiorama team mate Yves Demaria did not get enough track time on Saturday and did only eight laps due to a problem with his clutch. As always the experienced Frenchman was certain he could still make a good result. But in the race his confidence did not last; ‘I started in about tenth and that’s were I finished as well. In the first laps some riders were all over the place and it was pretty hairy. Maybe I was not aggressive enough and too much on the safe side’.

Federici also was not a happy man, he was not discontent with his machine set-up, but more with his own performance; ’I don’t like sand at all and cannot get a proper rhythm. I have done my best, but still I am frustrated. It impossible for me to find the lines, every corner comes as a surprise’.

Both Beirer and Federici are still in strong positions in the standing, third and sixth respectively. In a fortnight at Broadford the Yamaha hopefuls will be looking to pull back Pichon in order to stay in contention.