Demaria scores determined podium


Yves Demaria once more was the Yamaha top scorer with a third place podium, a repeat of his result in the last GP held at Broadford, Australia. Yves' race was by far the most entertaining to watch as he chased countryman Maschio to beat him to the line by a mere 0.111 second. Demaria's teammate Pit Beirer rode a solid race finishing sixth, promoting him to third in the championship standing.
Unfortunately this went at the cost of Claudio Federici who dropped from third to the fifth place in the standing following his DNF in the race.

Y. Demaria – 3rd / P. Beirer – 6th / M. Kovalainen – 9th / C.Federici – DNF

The muddy conditions did not invite for daring passing maneuvers, but Yves Demaria showed many of his opponents that overtaking was possible if done with enough commitment. He started the moto just inside the top ten and worked his way past several riders before making a pass on the last lap for the much deserved podium finish.
I don't like the track. It's very muddy on the outside and if you get off the dry line it's easy to crash. So many riders crashed today and I just had to constantly change my race speed through the dangerous area's of the track."

Demaria had a good battle with his teammate, Pit Beirer. "Pit held me up a little, but once I could get past him I was able to follow Maschio for a while in fourth place. I knew he would get tired as he has not ridden the past couple of races. On the last lap I made my move and am very happy to take the Skittles Yamaha to the podium once again."

Pit Beirer was not as lucky as Demaria, yet still content with his sixth place. "At the start of the race I struggled to get going, but when Yves moved away from me I rode better up until the moment that Chad Reed passed me. That upset me a bit and I found it hard to find a good rhythm after that.
I was never happy with my tyre selection for this race, it was so difficult to make a good bike setting with the track changing so much throughout the weekend. At least I am third in the championship now and with the next Grand Prix being in Germany I can get some good results on my home track."

Claudio Federici crashed out of the race on lap one after a terrible start. “ I was involved in a crash on the first lap. The bike suffered and I hurt my knee, so much so that the pain became too much, and the bike was too damaged to get back into the points. I'm disappointed because I could have finished with some good points here and I lost two positions in the standings. Unlike many other riders I was not too worried about the track in qualification, so I expected a good result today."