Beirer back to form with second


Skittles Yamaha star Pit Beirer found his way back to the top of the field with scoring a strong second position finish, equalling his result at the opening GP of the year at Bellpuig, Spain. Homeboy Mikael Pichon was meeting expectation by winning the race in front of 25.000 French enthusiasts.
Second Yamaha man was Chesterfield’s Claudio Federici, matching his finish position of two weeks ago in Sweden in fourth. The result is just enough to defend his third position in the standing against Joshua Coppins. French Johnny Aubert had a strong showing with a seventh place finish, his best result of the year sofar. Unfortunately countryman Yves Demaria failed to finish after crashing in the early stages of the race.

P. Beirer – 2nd / C.Federici – 4th / Y. Demaria – DNF

The runner-up result of Pit Beirer confirms a return to form for the German rider. “I have good memories from Ernee,” Beirer said. “I finished second in ‘99 and I came here wanting to score at least a podium. We have done a lot of work on the bike and the changes we have made work out great. Before I could not have scored a result like this. At some previous races we had some problems with setting the bike up, but now it’s just how I like it.
“I had a good start, then passed Carl Nunn and crashed. I was still able to finish on the podium after the crash, which is the Pit Beirer of old. The pressure from other riders was heavy on me and I had to really concentrate to secure this great result.”

Federici was not really happy with his result, however he did find the pace a little too hot. “I don’t like this track very much when it is that muddy, nevertheless it was a good race, but after 10 minutes I got arm pump. I tried so hard to attack Carl Nunn, he blocked me many times and my arms started getting tired. Then Beirer and Coppins were able to get me. If I had been able to pass Nunn quickly I could have been top three, maybe even second.
“There is only one line on this track and mud on the outside of the track, so it was very difficult to pass. In qualifying the track was good, but today it was so so. After 10 laps I could see the good lines, but like I said I could not pass.”

Yves Demaria unfortunately failed to show anything of his strong early season form. The Skittles Yamaha rider completed just two laps. “I had a bad start. Then I crashed and was a long way back, I think in 30th place or something. I tried to fight on but it was impossible. I did not want this result at my home Grand Prix, but that is racing.”