Federici makes the best of it


The top Yamaha riders struggled today in the GP250 race with Team Yamaha AXO‘s Claudio Federici finishing in seventh spot, leading Yamaha Skittles rider Pit Beirer in eleventh. Beirer’s teammate Yves Demaria did not finish after a crash in lap 6.

Best placed Yamaha rider was Johnny Aubert riding for the Kurz Yamaha Team in fifth, equalling his career best result in the previous GP at Gaildorf, Germany. These recent top-five finishes have brought Aubert in contention to fight for a place among the first ten in the Championship standings.

Australian Chad Reed, who just beat world champ Mickeal Pichon by the narrowest of margins, won the race.

J. Aubert – 5th / C. Federici – 7th / P. Beirer – 11th / Y. Demaria - DNF

Federici was content with his finish today. Realizing that Lierop was not his preferred type of track he had trained at the circuit all week preceding the race, but was not rewarded for the effort: ”My start was okay, I was in the top 10 from the start. I had a good rhythm in the sand, and could get into 6th place early on. I was happy because my sand racing skills are getting much better. Luckily also the track surface is not real deep sand, which helped to be able to race with the front guys. I started to make some small mistakes though and Iost a place to Theybers, then Crockard also passed me. I was able to re-pass Theybers, but Crockard and the others were too far ahead and I was not able to fight with them anymore.”

Beirer’s race was obstructed by a few crashes of riders in front of him: “My getaway was not good, I got caught behind Josh Coppins and Gordon Crockard who crashed at the start. I then had to fight through from 13th place. I had big problems with the track, riders were everywhere and I was not feeling good on the bike, so I was not too confident with overtaking. “I was able to pass Crockard in the early stages, he and I were getting past many other riders, then he got me back and I dropped back a little. I also had a fight with Bolley and could see Federici. I then got caught up when Maschio crashed in front of me and I had to run off the track to miss him. My rhythm was not good and many riders started to catch me. I could also have done with a different tyre choice.”

Demaria’s race was short-lived; “I started badly, then my front tire hit a bump, I crashed and hurt my neck. I landed face down in the sand so for a short period I had trouble breathing, I soon realized that retiring was my only option.”