Beirer finishes season on a high


In very muddy conditions Yamaha Skittles Pit Beirer finished runner-up in the Austrian Grand prix after having fought great battles, first with race-winner Mickael Pichon and then with Chad Reed. Beirer lead the race for six laps, finally letting Pichon by and settling into a good rhythm for his runner-up position. Australian Chad Reed did attack Beirer near the end of the race but the Yamaha rider held on tight to secure his second place.

Both other Yamaha official competitors in the 250 class Claudio Federici of the Yamaha Team AXO and Yves Demaria did not finish the race. Federici had bike trouble and Demaria crashed and retired.

P. Beirer – 2nd / C. Federici – DNF / Y. Demaria – DNF

Beirer was realistic about his changes for victory and very happy with the result he achieved; “I had a great start, which really set my race up. I did not expect to win here today, when I was leading I felt good, but expected that Pichon was on his way, he is just too good this year. Coming out of the start I was able to get my Yamaha in a good position, I have always been able to rely on my bike out of the starts.

“The condition of the track were terrible and I hoped that Pichon and Reed might run out of their tear-offs, but when Pichon was closing in I could do nothing, he just made a clean pass and moved away. When Reed came closer I gave it all to hold him off, that part of the race was very tough for me, but I like riding on the edge. I went from seventh in the championship to fifth because of today’s result and I am very happy about that.”

Demaria scored a zero, due to the tough track conditions; “I had a terrible start, and mud was all over me. Then I fell and retired. It’s not the way I wanted to finish my association with the Yamaha Skittles team, but I could not go on after the crash”.

Federici still showed great motivation to end up in the standing as high as possible, but bike trouble ended his race prematurely: “I had a good position at the start and liked the track very much. The rain made it more difficult for me, but still I expected to get a podium here today. I was in a good position to fight for the top three and I did not feel tired or anything to stop me from making the podium, then with a few laps to go the motor stopped, I am disappointed as it has cost me many points in the championship.

Still I managed to finish in fourth place in the final standings, so I am happy with that. It’s one place higher than last year and I feel I will be able to compete at again a higher level next year.”