News Report 10 July 2011

2011 GP of Germany

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1590 m
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07 / 10 / 2011
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Frossard takes another top three moto finish in Germany


Monster Energy Yamaha were able to see Steven Frossard take his factory YZ450FM to his eleventh top three moto finish of a rookie MX1-GP season at a packed Talkessel circuit in Teutschenthal for the Grand Prix of Germany today, the ninth round of fifteen in the FIM World Championship. 40,000 spectators basked in hot conditions and saw the Frenchman take a decent third position after passing local favourite Max Nagl on the last lap.

Considerable work had been done on the shallow climbs and drops of the Talkessel layout with two new sections and other small modifications to help reduce the speed and encourage better flow. The soft terrain of Saturday and Sunday mornings created a rutted surface but the narrow course was still difficult for overtaking.

Frossard sadly could not aim for his fifth overall podium of the year after hitting the gate at the start of the second moto. The Frenchman, who won a moto (his career first) and took second position at Teutschenthal in the MX2-GP class in 2009, was already less-than-100% after a crash on Saturday had given him a slight headache. He had to come back through the pack and another mistake when he stalled the bike and had to restart meant the second race could deliver no better than fifteenth for eighth overall.
David Philippaerts was left cursing his luck. The Italian experienced a problem with his rear brake in the first moto that caused him to slow his speed and cross the line in ninth. DP19, returning to the scene of his first MX1 Grand Prix victory in 2007 (and where he hadn’t dropped out of the top five taking third position in 2010), was undone by Frossard’s early jump in the second moto and also ran into trouble with the gate. The ex-world champion’s speed was impressive however to power through to eighth for ninth overall.

The third member of the Monster Energy Yamaha collective, Anthony Boissiere, crashed in the first moto and was too far behind the rest of the field to make much of an impression. The Frenchman managed fourteenth in the second outing.

Frossard is third in the MX1 standings and 40 points away from Antonio Cairoli at the top. Philippaerts is sixth and 32 from the top five. The third Grand Prix in three weeks will take place in the soft and rough setting of Kegums this coming weekend for the visit to Latvia.

Steven Frossard, 8th:

“In the first moto my start wasn’t so bad and I was happy with how I could attack quickly. I was trying to pass Nagl for a long time and then Cairoli arrived. I pushed a lot at the end of the moto to get Nagl and could do it on the last lap. I was pleased with the race but I messed up the GP by hitting the gate at the start of the second moto. I was last and tried to come back but I wasn’t feeling so good on the bike. Yesterday I crashed and hit my head and I felt tired in that second race. I was coming back through OK but then I made a mistake and stalled the engine. I had to push the bike down the hill to restart and ended up fifteenth. It is a bit difficult to accept because last week I won both motos and closed up with points for the championship. Now, like in Glen Helen, one mistake has caused me to lose a lot.”

David Philippaerts, 9th:

“My luck doesn’t change! We had another brake problem in the first moto and then at the start of the second Steven was next to me and started to go. He hit the gate and mine did not drop so I also got caught. I pushed back as hard as I could and reached eighth with some good lap-times. The track was pretty easy in some ways, which meant the times were very close. There were many people here today and this was crazy! It was like a Motocross of Nations.”

Anthony Boissiere, 17th:

“I did not feel so good here; tired and unable to do much on the bike. I had a crash in the first moto and lost a lot of time to restart and in the second, well, the result was so-so. I need a few days rest now to try and get some energy and hopefully be better for Latvia.”