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Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Teams Look to Keep Momentum in Lommel

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Teams Look to Keep Momentum in Lommel

The Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP and MX2 teams are excited as they eagerly prepare for the 13th round of the FIM Motocross World Championship, set to take place on “home soil” in Lommel, Belgium, this weekend.

Located just a short distance from the teams' headquarters, Lommel is renowned for its deep and treacherous sand. This year, the physically and mentally demanding circuit has been completely revamped, which adds another layer of excitement and anticipation for the riders and fans alike. 
Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2’s Jago Geerts will undoubtedly be the crowd favourite as he prepares to compete in his home Grand Prix. Coming off a well-deserved victory last weekend, Geerts is determined to close the gap in the championship fight. He currently trails the championship leader by 40 points, after missing two rounds through injury, but is just 5 points away from stealing second position.
The MX2 class this season boasts an abundance of exceptional Dutch and Belgian talent. Among them is the promising Dutch rookie Rick Elzinga, who has consistently showcased his potential and willingness to learn. With his impressive determination, the ‘44’ aims for a strong performance in Lommel. He lines up 11th in the championship chase.
At the same time, the Belgian-based Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team is looking forward to the potential return of Thibault Benistant, who was unable to compete in the Czech Grand Prix following a heavy fall during qualifying. In accordance with Yamaha’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of our riders above all else, a decision regarding Benistant's participation in Lommel will be made on Friday. This decision will be based on comprehensive medical advice, ensuring that his health and recovery are given the utmost consideration. Despite his absence in Loket, the Frenchman still holds fourth position in the MX2 Championship Standings.
In the premier class, the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP team is looking forward to the Grand Prix in Lommel. Jeremy Seewer, who recently celebrated his 29th birthday, is gearing up for the upcoming round with great confidence. After an impressive performance that landed him on the podium in the Czech Republic, the ‘91’ arrives in Lommel, a place he now calls home, with a strong sense of familiarity and excitement. Despite being a “hard-pack rider”, the Swiss star has put in some serious work in the sand throughout his career and is determined to show his potential. He is currently third in the MXGP Championship Standings and is confident he can be on the box this weekend. 
Hailing from The Netherlands, Glenn Coldenhoff is a natural sand rider, and the Lommel circuit plays to his strengths. The Dutchman has made significant progress in his starts this season and showcased his ability to win races. After securing victory in MXGP Race Two at Lommel last year, Coldenhoff is determined and confident in his chances of challenging for the Grand Prix win. He currently holds the fifth position in the championship standings.

In addition, the seventh round of the EMX125 Championship will also take place in Lommel, where MJC Yamaha Official EMX125 team’s Janis Reisulis hopes to further extend his lead in the championship. Reisulis currently holds a 21-point advantage over Mathis Valin, while teammate Julius Mikula is 16th after missing the first three rounds through injury.

Jeremy Seewer

3rd MXGP Championship Standings, 465-points

“It’s a tough race, which also depends a lot on the weather. In recent years it has been very hot. For some reason, I really like Lommel. It feels like a home GP for me. I sleep at home and the environment is really familiar. I train there a lot, so I really enjoy it. I expect to be on the podium. I am a good sand rider and I really want to show that this weekend.”

Glenn Coldenhoff

5th MXGP Championship Standings, 428-points

“I like Lommel. It’s a tough GP, but I’m always really motivated to do well there. I like to suffer in these conditions. It’s the GP which is the closest to my home on the calendar. So, I will sleep at home, which is great. It’s always cool to have my family and friends there, and also a lot of fans! “The Hoff Support Team” has organized a bus trip to the race from my old hometown in Heesch, so it will be cool to have that kind of support there. I got on the podium there last year, and I will do everything to win this year.”

Jago Geerts

3rd MX2 World Championship Standings, 491-points

“It’s my home GP and something I look forward to every year. The track will be really rough, like always, so physically, it will be tough. The key will be to not waste energy during the weekend and try to keep fresh for the races on Sunday. I know the track really well, and there will be a lot of fans to support me, but that also adds more pressure to do well. Of course, I would like to win my home GP, but the goal is to be consistent and keep building points for the championship.”

Thibault Benistant

4th MX2 Championship Standings, 462-points

“I have been focusing on recovery this week and have also been for a few medical checks just to be sure I am recovering well. So far, the news has been really positive, so I am really happy about that. For now, I don’t know whether I will ride in Lommel or not. We have decided to take our time and make a decision on Friday.” 

Rick Elzinga

11th MX2 Championship Standings, 197-points

“Lommel. Endurance is key, so I’ve worked on that this week. The key will be to keep my energy output low and to ride mostly through technique. Being so close to home doesn’t make it easier. I’ll be busy all weekend, so it doesn’t change anything. The only thing is, I will have more support and that really helps me through the suffer-fest. I’m not riding with any expectations. I feel like I’m getting closer to where I belong, so the goal is just to have a solid weekend.”